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GlycanAge Blood Test


Can you hack your age? After analyzing 80,000 individuals and over 20 years of research led by scientists at the forefront of biotechnology, at GlycanAge, we know for a fact that you can.


Each one of us has a biological age that is separate from the number of years we’ve been alive. Your biological age indicates your current state of health and reflects the lifestyle choices that you make.


GlycanAge is an at-home blood test that analyses glycans (sugars that coat cells) in the body to determine your biological age. We look at your IgG glycome composition (which regulates low-grade chronic inflammation and drives aging).


GlycanAge technology goes beyond existing biological age tests by integrating genetic, epigenetic, and environmental aspects of aging.

With increasing emphasis on preventative health and a growing desire to personalize and validate health interventions, GlycanAge is the most sensible place to track lifestyle changes as it provides an independent measure of health.


We’ve collaborated on a number of studies showing that dietary improvements, weight loss, and exercise in moderation can change your biological age for the better (under the right conditions, such as small periods of rest with vigorous training, and with sufficient calorie intake (as too low a calorie intake actually made our bikini fitness competitors older)).


Knowing your biological age gives you the power to turn back the hands of time, and help you stay healthier and younger for longer. Learn more about our product and community @glycanage


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