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Thera360 PLUS


The Therasage Thera360 Plus Personal InfraRed Sauna has completely revolutionized personal health products with its patented full-spectrum Infrared panels, Tri-Lite panels, and Negative Ions.

Our proprietary Natural Earth Element Full Spectrum Infrared heating panels, with Tourmaline gemstones, generate an abundance of negative ions and bathe your body from every angle in gentle full spectrum Infrared frequencies with no exposure to harmful EMF's, ELF's and RF's. The Therasage revolutionary Advanced EarthingTechnology (AET) further enhances the healing experience by capturing the charge of the Earth to help balance the delicate polarity of the body and improve cellular communication.


The Thera360 Plus Personal Infrared Sauna introduces "Tri-Lite” Panels enhancing the Near-Infrared Frequencies and adding Red Light Frequencies. "Tri-Lite" is a Therasage Exclusive Light Emitting Diode that succinctly generates the healing light frequencies, in the red light spectrum and near-infrared spectrum from each diode. Bringing the additional blend of Red & additional NIR frequencies to our Full Spectrum Infrared.


Thera360 sauna. The Thera360 Plus will enhance Mitochondrial health and cell energy, improve microcirculation and blood oxygenation, enhance the natural production of Nitric Oxide,and support cellular detoxification, as well as, additional skin and anti-aging benefits, along with all the same amazing health benefits of Full Spectrum Infrared!



• Full Spectrum Infrared, Enhanced Near and Red Light

• No Exposure to Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF), Extremely Low Frequency, (ELF) Radio Frequency (RF)

• Non-Toxic, Non-Off-gassing Natural Bamboo Material

• 96% Emissivity

• Natural Tourmaline Stones for maximum heat transfer and Negative Ion release

• Advanced Earthing Technology for polarity balancing and grounding

• Available in Black or Pearl White



• Detoxification

• Decrease Inflammation

• Increase circulation

• Relieve pain

• Burn calories

• Sleep Better

• Immune Enhancement & Promote overall health and wellness

• Skin Enhancement

• Mental Clarity

• Relaxation


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