Bill Hyun, PhD

Venture Partner, Genoa Ventures

Bill is a Venture Partner with Genoa Ventures and a faculty member in the Department of Lab Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Bill is a respected expert in both basic research and clinical lab application development with a strong concentration on cytometry, optical imaging and genomic technologies. Through strategic partnerships with companies like Becton Dickinson, Zeiss, Danaher and Sony, his lab designed, tested and/or validated over 20 different commercial products. Examples include the FACS Aria, FACS Canto, Sony Spectral Flow Cytometer, Meta Spectral Confocal, quantum dots, and Cytobank. His academic career includes a PhD in Biophysics and an MS in Biochemistry, past joint appointments at UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, three honorary doctorates, and authorship of over 100 peer-reviewed publications.

On the venture side, Bill has co-founded ten biotech startups and has led investment in dozens of others, usually in the seed or series A stage. Example companies include Accuri Cytometers, Zephyrus, Mission Bio, Fluent, Slingshot, CellFe, and Akadeum. Bill is a current board member for five companies, has served as Venture Partner with two Bay Area venture groups focused on early-stage investment, and is closely affiliated with four life tech incubators.

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