Upon mutual consent of the founders, this project has been closed. The founders have decided to part ways and you can find their new projects as follows:

Organizer of Biohacking Conferences

Upcoming Events

Who We Are

BiohackingCongress is the international platform dedicated to furthering the advancement of Biohacking, HealthOptimization, Longevity; as well as BioTech, Digital Health, Healthy, and Ecological Companies.

It includes:

Onsite Biohacking Conference in the US, as well as International Virtual Events
Marketplace of TopBiohacks - selected Health products, Biohacking technologyes.
Community of Leading Industry Players, and Like-Minded People

BiohackingCongress is the community for meeting, exchanging opinions, and gaining exclusive skills between renowned scientists, doctors, biohackers, dietitians, fitness explorers, founders of health companies, inventors in HealthTech and BioTech industry, life expectancy researchers, and authors of bestsellers on healthy food, sleep, and mind.

It is the place for the exhibition of selected Biohacking products, as well as innovative DigitalHealth devices and solutions.
One of our goals is to promote beneficial cooperation and partnership between Investors and Entrepreneurs from the HealthTech, BioTech Industry.



Become a part of our Community!

Meet like-minded people, friends, and partners
Create Business Development Opportunities
Learn from industry experts, and discover new technologies and solutions in BioTech and DigitalHealth
Start your Biohacking Journey, for Health Optimization, Performance Optimization, and Longevity

We want to help create a world in which millions more people are engaged with their health, and living happy, wholesome, and long lives.

Join us on our Mission!