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Join us as a Partner to support the Movement on Health Optimization and Longevity. Leverage our global community online to get your brand awareness. Partnership with BiohackingCongress will also allow you to achieve your ambitious goals: to put your company at the head of an absolutely progressive global trend; and capture leadership positions in the Biohacking market.

Presenting your company at BiohackingCongresses in the US is a great promotion and a stellar opportunity to meet clients, and strategic partners.

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Our Partners
Leela Quantum Tech
Aseir Custom
Oxygen Healing
Microbiome Labs
The DNA Company
Double Wood Supplements

Partners about us
Nikolina Lauc
Co-Founder & CEO


Great team with amazing energy. Really supportive, I pitched at their event, they helped prepare me with some training session and great mentors. Thank you, BiohackingCongress!

Wellness 4 Humanity
Pavel Stuchlik
Co-Founder, Wellness 4 Humanity. An expert in self-realization technique + application

Love these guys what they are about and changing the world for a better place!!