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Because medical research has yet to identify the specific trigger for the pattern of hair loss, there is no one particular treatment option that is the ‘magic bullet.’ While most people are looking for the ‘miracle cure,’ I'll give you some keys to the latest effective treatments, and what the future holds for hair loss treatments. - Dr. Alan Bauman, Board-certified Hair Restoration Physician at Bauman Medical
Aging is a complex process that an increasing number of researchers label as a disease. Can we delay it? The good news is that disease by definition is a solvable problem, the bad news is that the body is an incredibly complex system. The human body is capable of incredible feats of healing and regeneration. In Bioregulator Peptides we have a tool coming to us from nature that may unlock many of these regenerative processes. - Nathalie Niddam, CNP, BPC, Podcast Host and Longevity Biohacker. Holistic Nutritionist, Human Potential and Epigenetic Coach.
Cellular harmony is difficult to attain on your own, especially when you're constantly bombarded with chronic stress, destructive digital signals (EMFs), and non-harmonic noise all day long. But we can counteract every health issue presented to the modern public today. I tell you how we can aid with balancing the body and promote homeostasis, potentially improving energy levels and vitality. - John Baxter, CEO of Baxter Biohealth dba Anti Aging Bed
When we talk about AmpCoil specific or software for the body we're writing a sound journey that is just a collection of frequencies in a different order amplitude duration and artistry that is supplying information to the body. It's really binary code that we can write software for the body. - Freddie Kimmel, Biohacker, Transformational Coach, Host of The Beautifully Broken Podcast, a citizen scientist, and member of the leadership team at AmpCoil
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