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BiohackingCongress brings together Top Speakers on Biohacking and Health Optimization for impactful networking, exchange of opinions , and inspiration. Speakers give their educational lectures at the venue. Each BiohackingCongress is recorded with full audio and video for distribution on our YouTube and Instagram channels as well as for the section Videos on our website.

All of our speakers generously donate their time to educate and give their knowledge back to the BiohackingCongress community. Meanwhile, our team provides speakers with in-bound leads for their businesses.

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Our Speakers
Matt Gallant
CEO and Co-Founder, BiOptimizers
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Alex Muresan
Founder of Forward & Incubate Love
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Claudia von Boeselager
Founder and Host, The Longevity & Lifestyle Podcast
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Sarah Turner
Co-founder and Chief Scientist at CeraThrive
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Thomas DeLauer
Nutrition and Business Performance Coach
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Barton Scott
Upgraded Formulas, CEO; Biochemist and Researcher
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Ken Close
Member of the Healy World USA Leadership Council and Technical Advisory Board
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Jeff Maier
Co-Founder, VP of Sales & Marketing, Rapid Release
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Bizzie Gold
Break Method Founder and author of The Self-Study
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Speakers about us
Kayla Osterhoff, MPH, PhD(c)
Neuropsychophysiologist, Founder/CEO of Biocurious


I'm still buzzing from the Biohacking Congress event in Menlo Park last week! The speakers were incredibly knowledgeable and provided such value in their lectures, the vendors were extremely high-quality offering biohacking goodies to take home, the attendees were just lovely, and it was so refreshing to connect in-person with my biohacking fam! I can't wait to attend the next Biohacking Congress in the Spring!

Dasha Maximov
Founder & CEO, WhealthCo


It was so wonderful getting to see fellow speakers and biohacking companies together again despite the challenges of 2020. I'm always looking for opportunities to learn more from and connect with specialists and Biohacking Congress in Menlo Park allowed me to do just that!

Dr. Mindy Pelz
Founder of the Reset Academy


I love BiohackingCongress in Silicon Valley because each speaker seems to be getting short and to the point like information-dense. Then you bring the panels up so we can interact with them. I love it. Great speakers, you brought a really good mix. I sit here knowing a lot of this information, it's like refreshing in my brain, so you guys did an incredible job!

Pavel Stuchlik
Co-Founder, Wellness 4 Humanity. An expert in self-realization technique + application


Love these guys what they are about and changing the world for a better place!!

Ben Azadi
Founder of Keto Kamp

I really enjoyed the lineup of speakers that we had this weekend. I’ve learned so much from them - panels, presentations, and different topics. We went beyond biohacking. So I really enjoyed this weekend. I will be at BiohackingCongress in Miami. And Miami in October is beautiful, the weather starts to get nice. So Miami in October is an incredible place to biohack together. I want to see you there!

Sarah Turner
Co-founder and Chief Scientist at CeraThrive


Thank's to Julia and the team at the BiohackingCongress for a great event. The Recharge team had a great time showing the FlexBeam, presenting on red light therapy and meeting all the top speakers and biohackers - we are looking forward to the next events - very well organized and a lot compacted into one day. Inspiring!

Kaspars Vendelis
Co-Founder, Biohacking.lv


BiohackingCongress in London gathered all the European most influential biohackers, experts, and leaders in one place. To share ideas, insights, and trends. The event was valuable for its speakers’ content. But almost underappreciated is the communications and networking part in non-formal conversations during the breaks. So many valuable topics and themes were discussed before and after the official part. Two thumbs up!

Siim Land
Founder, Body Mind Empowerment


The BiohackingCongress brings together groups of people who otherwise wouldn't meet and helps to overcome boundaries between health, business, and science.

Nikolina Lauc
Co-Founder & CEO, GlycanAge


Great team with amazing energy. Really supportive, I pitched at their event, they helped prepare me with some training session and great mentors. Thank you, BiohackingCongress!

Vasily Nikolaev
Fundraising Advisor


I know the team from Biohacking Congress for a long time; they are top-level professionals with tons of experience, connections, and lots of energy to provide superior service to their clients. They are particularly strong in helping companies in their Business Development activities in the USA and have a very strong network of investors here.