Biohacking Congress is the international Platform that helps in launching and scaling innovative solutions and products from BioTech, Biohacking,
Digital Health areas to the Global Market. It includes:
- Dealflow consulting for Corporations and Venture Funds;
- The marketplace of selected biohacking products and services;
- The community of like-minded people who want to live
a long wholesome and healthy life.
Biohacking Congress is the international Platform that helps in launching and scaling innovative solutions and products from BioTech, Biohacking, Digital Health areas to the global market. It includes:
- Conferences and industry events in the USA;
- Dealflow consulting for Corporations and Venture Funds;
-The Community of Leading Industry Players;
- The Marketplace of selected
Biohacking Products and Services.
Are you Healthy Lifestyle Person, Biohacker or Beginner and would like to improve your personal practice of your health and performance optimization?
  • Learn how to improve performance in business or sports, increase life expectancy, or even treat a specific disease or condition; what to do to increase physical and mental performance.
  • Discover and purchase the best and scientifically proven biohacks for beginners: nutritional supplements, vitamins, healthy foods, sleep and meditation devices, proven exercise programs, and many other products and services in our biohacks market.
  • Get research results and new technologies from the best biohackers to make your choice. Learn how to use the most modern approaches to optimize health and longevity.
  • Learn the secrets of how to make your home and work healthier; how to recover from exercise and work; how to create an environment for healthy families and stable mental health.

Are you Retailer, Food Company, Wellness Center, Medical Clinic or Digital Health Company? Or Venture Capital, Corporate Fund, Angel Investor?
  • Expand your professional networks to expand your business opportunities in Britain's growing multi-million pound market.
  • Demonstrate and sell your selected products to a wide audience - get a demo table in our marketplace.
  • Find new partners and customers - meet like-minded people from a new generation of buyers-millennials.
  • Discover new, innovative technologies and products in the health industry for your business.
  • Share your experience and become a speaker in a panel discussion.
  • Get access to database of Seed and A-stage Startups from Healthcare, BioTech, Digital Health, and MedTech areas.
  • Find innovative deal-flow for your Corporation, Venture Fund. We can custom "cherry-pick" the best solutions, promising teams, and partners for your needs using our huge experience and international network.

Are you BioTech, Digital Health or MedTech Startup?
The Startup Competition at the Biohacking Congress is the part of the Startup World Cup.
Up to 15 Startups from Med Tech, Digital Health, BioTech, Healthcare areas on Seed and A-stages will be selected for this Regional Competition. The Winner will showcase at the Grand Finale and compete for a US$1,000,000 investment prize.

Startup World Cup is a startup event organized by Pegasus Tech Ventures that is dedicated to launching and advising the world's next wave of leading entrepreneurs.

This platform consists of a regional series of Startup Conferences all over the world with a Grand Finale in San Francisco.

Pegasus Tech Ventures provides more than just funding. Pegasus assists startups through strategic synergies and partnerships, paving the path for startups across the world. Annual Startup World Cup winners can accelerate their ideas into reality with the help of one million USD in funding and global recognition.

Become a Startup World Cup, Champion Winner 2020! Apply to the competition before February 10th, 2020:

Microsoft New York

11 Times Square, New York, NY 10036
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