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Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Blue Light Sleep Glasses For a Better All Night Sleeping Experience.

Swanwick believes in the power of sleep and optimized health to empower entrepreneurs and high-performers to achieve a competitive edge.

Sleep well. Stay focused. Look good.

A 2020 study by the University of Washington and Indiana University found that workers who wore Night Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses in the evening before bed significantly improved the quality and quantity of their sleep, along with their effectiveness at work the next day.

In the week they wore Night Swannies, workers:

  • - Slept 6% longer
  • - Improved the Quality of their sleep by 14%
  • - Improved their Task Performance by 9%
  • - Increased their Work Engagement by 8.5%

Swanwick's Classic Night Swannies are the one-and-done best life hack to improve your sleep health.

Years of perfecting the Classic Night Swannies and multiple studies give you the edge to improving your daily performance, starting with a better night's sleep.

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