Are you Prematurely Aging or Reversing the Process

In an inspiring lecture by Dr. Patrick K. Porter, Founder & Chief BrainTap Officer, the fascinating intersection of ancient traditions and modern technology in the realm of brain fitness was explored. Dr. Porter emphasized the importance of personalized biohacking and the need to monitor and adjust our practices to optimize our well-being. By delving into the profound connection between our brains, bodies, and the environment, Dr. Porter shed light on the transformative potential of brain fitness for overall health and longevity.


Balancing Hemispheres and Enhancing Brain Fitness:

Discussing a study conducted on women aged 55-65 with dementia, Dr. Porter revealed that their right hemisphere was more active than the left. While practices like Tai Chi and yoga may not alter this imbalance, he highlighted the potential of pranayama yoga, a breathwork technique, to balance the hemispheres. Furthermore, the study demonstrated that engaging in brain fitness activities for six weeks helped participants overcome dementia symptoms. Even during the subsequent six-month washout period, improvements were sustained, reinforcing the concept of brain fitness as a means of achieving lasting cognitive health.


Dr. Patrick K. Porter presented many different studies, and if you want to learn more, visit our website's Video section and watch the full lecture.


The Brain's Central Role in Overall Health:

Dr. Porter emphasized that the brain, which encompasses 70% of the nervous system, plays a vital role in overall well-being. While focusing on physical health is important, neglecting brain health can hinder the body's ability to utilize nutrients efficiently. When the body is in a state of fight or flight, metabolic processes are compromised, and the benefits of a nutritious diet may not be fully realized. Therefore, achieving optimal health necessitates attention to brain fitness. Dr. Porter outlined the three essential pillars of wellness. First and foremost is good nutrition, as a healthy diet provides the foundation for overall well-being. Secondly, regular movement and deep breathing are vital for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Finally, brain fitness is indispensable for unlocking the brain's potential and maximizing overall cognitive function.



The heart communicates twice as much to the rest of the body compared to how much the body communicates to the heart. When someone asks me about the brain, I respond by questioning which brain they are referring to because the brain that controls the show is right here, in the heart. The heart contains 40,000 neutrino cells, and interestingly, there are more heart attacks on Monday mornings at 8 o'clock than any other time during the week. This is because if your heart is not invested or passionate about what you're doing, you'll feel disconnected and disengaged.

Moving on, the brain in your head is not your second brain. Your gut serves as your second brain because it performs various functions while you go about your day. It metabolizes, digests, and carries out numerous tasks without your conscious awareness. Next time you're driving down the highway, take a look at the person in the car next to you. Their unconscious mind has taken over, and they're not fully present.

This brain in your head is more like a Google tablet whose primary role is to transmit and receive information continuously. It constantly evaluates the environment through a structure called the amygdala, which is responsible for processing emotions. Additionally, there is a concept called biophotonic exchange, where the body communicates with the rest of its cells through light signals. Every 40 seconds, your gene expression changes, meaning that every aspect of your being undergoes transformation within that time frame.



Harnessing Neuroplasticity for Brain Development:

The brain's capacity for neuroplasticity—the ability to rewire and reorganize itself throughout life. Contrary to popular belief, the brain does not wire up as intelligence increases; rather, it unwires to facilitate growth and learning. This concept underscores the importance of actively engaging in activities that stimulate neuroplasticity, such as adopting a growth mindset, engaging in mental exercises, and participating in physical activities that challenge the brain. Dr. Porter encouraged people to view life as a series of challenges rather than threats. By adopting a positive outlook and actively shaping one's future, a person can cultivate a highly functioning immune system and overall well-being. He emphasized the importance of breaking free from ancestral behavioral patterns and embracing personal agency in creating a fulfilling life.

It's your consciousness that perceives age and influences the way your body functions. By reducing stress and promoting a balanced state of mind, you can positively impact your overall well-being and slow down the aging process.

Dr. Patrick K. Porter emphasizes the importance of neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to rewire and adapt throughout life. Contrary to popular belief, our brains are not fixed entities that deteriorate with age. Instead, they possess the remarkable capacity to create new neural connections and pathways, allowing us to learn, grow, and improve.

When we engage in activities that promote neuroplasticity, such as brain training exercises, mindfulness practices, and positive thinking, we encourage the brain to rewire itself and enhance its functioning. It's through neuroplasticity that we can recover and restore balance to our brain, leading to improved cognitive abilities, emotional well-being, and overall brain health.

One powerful tool discussed by Dr. Porter is BrainTap technology, which utilizes light and sound frequencies to stimulate the brain and facilitate the desired brainwave states. By exposing the eyes and ears to specific frequencies, BrainTap helps induce relaxation, improve focus, reduce stress, and support overall brain function.



The eyes, being an extension of the brain, play a crucial role in this process. Through retinal flashing, the light used in BrainTap technology interacts with the eyes and subsequently affects the brain. The light frequencies used mimic the natural light of sunrise and sunset, which our bodies are biologically attuned to. Additionally, the light is treated with specific frequencies that trigger the vagus nerve, promoting a shift into the parasympathetic state, also known as the rest-and-digest mode. This is vital as many people spend a significant amount of time in a high-stress sympathetic state.

The BrainTap study examined women with fibromyalgia, a condition often doubted but experienced as real pain. By implementing a morning am, afternoon deep reboot, and nighttime Delta regimen, the team surpassed opioids in effectiveness, highlighting the power of the human brain as the ultimate pharmacy capable of dispensing thousands of neural chemicals through intentional thoughts and activities. Our emotional state and thoughts greatly influence our well-being, as Buddha wisely stated centuries ago, emphasizing the role of unfavorable comparisons and negative thinking in causing stress and unhappiness, which can manifest in our biological system.



Chromophores: You Are Light

There is an activation of transcription factors which get translocated to the nucleus and activate gene transcription. This leads to increased cell survival and wound healing.

  • LED or laser light is absorbed by chromophores in the cell, mitochondria in the case of visible red and blue light. 
  • This leads to an increase in adenosine triphosphate (ATP), reactive oxygen species (ROS), nitric oxide (NO), and intracellular calcium (iCa2+). 
  • It’s part of the molecule responsible for its color. 
  • Visible light that hits the chromophore can thus be absorbed by exciting an electron from its ground state into an excited state. 
  • Chromophores serve to capture light energy and are the chemistry that binds the energy at the cellular level when hit by light.




Dr. Porter invited people to experience BrainTap technology firsthand, highlighting its potential benefits in reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and supporting overall well-being. By incorporating these techniques into our daily lives, we can tap into our brain's incredible capacity for change and growth.

In conclusion, Dr. Patrick K. Porter's lecture sheds light on the importance of self-monitoring and personalized approaches to biohacking. Each individual is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. It is crucial to listen to our bodies, pay attention to our unique needs, and make adjustments accordingly.

By focusing on good nutrition, regular movement and exercise, brain fitness, stress reduction, and cultivating a positive mindset, we can optimize our overall health and well-being. Additionally, embracing neuroplasticity and utilizing tools like BrainTap technology can help us tap into the brain's potential for growth and transformation.

As our understanding of the brain-body connection deepens, it becomes increasingly clear that we have the power to shape our own health, wellness  and enhance our lives through mindful practices and targeted interventions. By taking an active role in our well-being, we can unlock our full potential and embark on a journey of self-improvement and personal growth.


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Based on the lecture by Dr. Patrick K. Porter


Dr. Patrick K. Porter
Chief Officer, BrainTap

Dr. Patrick K. Porter, PhD, is an award-winning author/speaker and the founder of BrainTap®, the leader in technology-enhanced meditation. Dr. Porter pioneered the use of brainwave entrainment to improve clarity, sleep & energy, and remains at the forefront of scientific research. He founded BrainTap with the goal of making this technology accessible to everyone. BrainTap offers over 1000 original audio sessions in 12 languages and serves a worldwide user base with its mobile app and headset. Dr. Porter has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, People, Entrepreneur, INC and on ABC, NBC, CBS as an expert in brain health & wellness, and in 2020, Dr. Porter received the IAFNR lifetime achievement award.

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