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Unlocking the Power of the Nervous System with NeuFit


When it comes to recovering from pain and injury, optimizing health and performance, and restoring function, many people focus on treating the symptoms rather than addressing the root cause. But at NeuFit, Founder and CEO Garrett Salpeter believes that working directly with the nervous system is the most powerful and transformative way to achieve lasting results.

We'll explore the principles of neuroscience that underpin the NeuFit approach and share a real-life success story that illustrates the impact of this nervous system-first approach.

Principles of Neuroscience: Functional Neurology and Direct Current

At NeuFit, two main principles guide the work of the clinic: functional neurology and direct current.

Functional neurology focuses on understanding how the brain and nervous system control movement and function. By identifying where the nervous system is shutting down muscles or causing bad movement patterns, NeuFit practitioners can "debug" the software of the body, restoring proper function and enabling recovery from injury.

Direct current, on the other hand, is a non-invasive electrical stimulation technique that can help with tissue healing, muscle activation, and pain relief. By running direct current through the body, NeuFit practitioners can address both the software and hardware components of the body, working to improve health and performance from the inside out. 

NeuFit is a technology that utilizes neuromuscular stimulation to improve muscle performance and rehabilitation. It is based on the science of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), which is a technique that was first used in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

PNF works by stimulating the nervous system to activate muscles in a coordinated and efficient way. NeuFit takes this concept further by using electrical stimulation to activate the muscles and nervous system at the same time. This creates a stronger and more efficient connection between the muscles and the nervous system, resulting in improved muscle performance and rehabilitation outcomes.

The Neubie®: A Breakthrough in Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) is a well-established therapy that uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscles and nerves, providing a range of benefits from promoting healing to improving overall fitness and health. However, traditional NMES devices have several limitations, including discomfort, skin irritation, and limited effectiveness.

What is the Neubie® and How Does it Work?

The Neubie® is a device that sends electrical impulses through the skin to nerves in tissue to elicit muscle contractions and sensory impulses. These impulses mimic action potentials from both the peripheral and central nervous systems, which is how they communicate with other parts of the body. The impulses then communicate with sensory and motor neurons to activate contractile and sensory muscle fibers, resulting in the stimulation of muscle, tissue, and nerve activation, and increasing blood flow.

One of the most significant advantages of the Neubie® is its ability to enhance long-term outcomes by supporting adaptation of cells in muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. NMES has been used clinically for a variety of conditions, including orthopedic issues, neurological conditions like stroke and spinal cord injury, and in training regimens to improve overall fitness and health at any age.

What Makes the Neubie® Unique?

The Neubie® is a unique NMES device for several reasons. It uses pulsed direct current (DC) as opposed to alternating current (AC), which has numerous positive biological effects. DC fields have been shown to accelerate the body’s own physiological processes of healing, repair, and regeneration, and to have unique effects on the nervous/neuromuscular system. The Neubie’s DC technology enables practitioners to use an “input-based” approach to rehab and training: sending inputs into tissue that can influence the body’s outputs and responses to stimuli.

The unidirectional flow of DC fields achieves more input stimulation to sensory afferent signaling compared to the bidirectional flow of AC, which can cause a co-contraction that suggests both input and output stimulation to the nervous system. Additionally, DC allows for more specific contractile movement at higher amplitudes, making it more useful and efficient for training and rehabilitation.

The Neubie® also includes an additional waveform that dissipates heat and charge buildup, allowing for higher intensity stimulation without irritation, a significant improvement over traditional NMES devices.


Real-Life Success Story: Ross

To illustrate the power of the NeuFit approach, let's take a look at the story of Ross, a business executive in his late 40s who came to NeuFit feeling stuck and frustrated.

Despite trying multiple treatments, including chiropractic care, physical therapy, functional fitness, and yoga, Ross was still experiencing chronic pain and limited function. He had just come off a knee surgery and was expecting another knee surgery as well as a back surgery. He wanted to be able to play tennis, basketball, and golf with his kids, but it seemed like nothing could make lasting changes.

When Ross came to NeuFit, the practitioners focused on identifying where his nervous system was shutting down muscles and causing bad movement patterns. By addressing these root causes, NeuFit was able to "debug Ross's software” and restore proper function.

Additionally, direct current was used to help with tissue healing and pain relief, enabling Ross to recover faster from his surgeries and get back to the activities he loved.

The Neuroscience of Recovery and Performance

One of the key insights that NeuFit brings to the table is that the neurological response to trauma or injury can be a major limiting factor in recovery and performance.

When the body experiences trauma or injury, it naturally guards and protects the affected area, limiting movement and creating a cycle of chronic pain. This can be productive in the short term, but it can also impede the body's ability to send healing resources to the affected area, slowing down the recovery process.

Furthermore, the brain's number one priority is survival and protection, which means that it is often resistant to change or risk-taking. This can lead to limiting beliefs and behaviors that hold us back from achieving our full potential.

Can the brain be reviewed? Requirements for Neuroplasticity:

  • Stimulation
  • Physiological Support

By working directly with the nervous system, NeuFit is able to identify and address these limitations, enabling individuals to recover faster from injury, optimize their health and performance, and restore function.

Unlocking Your Potential with NeuFit

If you're struggling with pain, injury, or limited function, the NeuFit approach may be just what you need to unlock your potential.

By working directly with the nervous system and using principles of neuroscience to address the root causes of your issues, NeuFit can

Offering NeuFit® can also help you grow your practice. As word-of-mouth and caregiver referrals increase due to the success of your patients, your practice will become more visible and attract more patients. And by providing care that is demonstrably different and better, you can strengthen the loyalty of your patients to your practice.

Your practice deserves to be noticed.

Breakthrough patient outcomes in the course of a patient’s recovery treatments and fitness sessions brings more patients to your practice as enthusiastic word-of-mouth and caregiver referrals increase. Strengthen the loyalty to your practice by helping your patients achieve their rehabilitation and fitness goals sooner through care that is demonstrably different and better. Stand out from the rest when you offer the NeuFit® method.

In conclusion, NeuFit® is a technology-based regimen that can revolutionize your practice. By using the Neubie® device, you can achieve breakthrough results for your patients and help them regain their mobility faster. And by offering care that is demonstrably different and better, you can grow your practice and attract more patients. So why not try NeuFit® today and see the difference it can make?

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Garrett Salpeter
Founder and CEO of NeuFit

Known as "The Health Engineer," Garrett has taken his training in Engineering and Neuroscience and used it to create NeuFit. He first became passionate about the human body during his time as a hockey player, when he had numerous injuries and was frustrated with the traditional ways of addressing them. After he was introduced to functional neurology and used that to help himself avoid surgery, he was elated to know that there was a better way and felt called to share this neurology-based approach with the world. 

By combining next-generation electrical stimulation and protocols from functional neurology, NeuFit has helped people accelerate recovery from all sorts of injuries and surgeries and help people reach their fitness goals faster than they ever thought possible. The work has helped everyone from professional athletes looking to get back on the field to paralyzed people working to move again. Now practitioners all over the country are adding technology into their medical practices, physical therapy clinics, and fitness facilities. He is also the best-selling author of the book “The NeuFit Method” 

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Director of Customer Success

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