Dr. Silvia Menéndez Cepero, PhD

Scientific Advisor, OZOLABS Company

Dr. Silvia Menéndez Cepero is a PhD in Chemical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Specialist in Ozone Therapy, Level I Biotechnologist and was the Director of the Ozone Clinic of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNIC) of Cuba since its inception in 1994 until 2011, when she retired. She was a member of the Scientific Degrees Commission and the General Scientific Council of the CNIC, as well as of the Permanent National Court of Chemistry (for the defense of doctoral theses). She has been a scientific advisor to the OZOLABS Company, LLC ( since 2017 and belongs to the Scientific Advisory Council of the World Federation of Ozone Therapy (with its acronym in English WFOT- She introduced ozone therapy in Cuba in 1986. She has directed more than 40 1st Degree Specialist theses by doctors and dentists in the field of ozone therapy, as well as 10 Master's theses (Biology, Pharmacology, Medical Emergencies, Natural and Traditional Medicine, Bioenergetic Medicine and Dental Emergencies) and 4 PhD theses (Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences).

Dr. Menéndez authored more than 50 articles in the last 20 years, which were published in peered-reviewed journals. She also published several books on the subject of ozone therapy and holds two patents (one of them international), 2 drug registrations (OLEOZON® oral for the treatment of giardiasis and topical OLEOZON® for the treatment of epidermophytosis) and a new therapeutic indication (topical OLEOZON® for the treatment of impetigo). She has taught 65 ozone therapy courses, both national and international. She has participated in 131 international conferences, presenting more than 300 research papers on the subject of ozone therapy. She has been a guest speaker in different countries such as Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, India, Egypt, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, the United States and Barbados. Dr. Menéndez molecularly characterized a new mechanism of action for ozone (ozone oxidative preconditioning), allowing the establishment of new therapeutic strategies for ozone therapy. These works have made it possible to develop new medical applications for ozone on a solid scientific basis. Dr. Menéndez’s work has contributed decisively to the clarification of the mechanisms of action of ozone, increasing the knowledge about its biochemical and pharmacodynamic properties, demonstrating how ozone therapy carried out under controlled conditions can be used, with beneficial effects, in apparently not related diseases. Dr. Menéndez has developed treatments for different diseases of social importance, with relevant clinical- investigative work. Dr. Menéndez has earned international recognition for her work and has received a number of national and international awards in the field of ozone therapy.

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