Andres Preschel

Founder and CEO at Know Your Physio

I believe that knowing your physiology is the ultimate way to optimize your life. 

My dedication to this field derives from a selfish place born out of necessity before it became the selfless zeal I’m known for across the world. It was through my health journey and love for the scientific method that I found my way.

Eventually, with the right knowledge and mentorship, I stumbled upon an enhanced state of awareness between mind, body, and spirit where healthy intentions met actionable steps and lasting, positive lifestyle change. Today I call this “physiological intuition,” and to me, it’s a right that every human being deserves to thrive with, without having to battle themselves or pursue a degree to discover it. 

Every day I spend on this planet, I get to learn about and create just a little more of the substance I wish I could have gotten my hands on earlier, for YOU to discover your science and optimize your life.

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