Beth Shaw

Founder of YogaFit

BETH SHAW is the author of four best-selling books on health and wellness: “YogaFit,” “YogaFit Athlete,” “Yoga Lean,” and “Healing Trauma with Yoga,” all available on her website at As a pioneer in the Wellness, Yoga & Fitness space in North America, Beth is the CEO and Founder of YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide Inc and the global mind-body education school, “YogaFit"” She is a frequent speaker at universities, conferences, and Fortune 500 Corporations. Beth educates others on Health & Mindfulness in the workplace and conscious business. In her latest book, “Healing Trauma with Yoga", Beth provides tools and techniques drawn from her work as a recovery and health coach. She is the host of “Make America Healthy" a weekly LIVE radio show on (Every Wednesday at 5 pm EST). The show features guests who focus on the mind-body and spirit connections, weight management, neurobiology, supplementation, biohacking, exercise, mental health, and how to deal with anxiety depression, and trauma.

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