Brian Burzynski

President and Chief Science Officer at Intelligent Threads

Brian Burzynski, D.PSc., SRM has been practicing SRM® (Synergy Release Method®) therapeutic services since 2000, known as the best kept secret in body structure and body functionality. He has taken his education in Quantum Engineering and Mechanics, combined with 20 years of hands-on body alignment anatomy and physiology, to make the most sophisticated, technologically advanced way to correct body structure issues within minutes - Tension Release TechnologyTM. Out of SRM birthed Intelligent Threads, the first ever Tension Release TechnologyTM textile which communicates to your muscular and skeletal system allowing your body structure to realign within seconds of contact to the material. Now used on over 10,000+ individuals since 2016, TRTTM has been proven to improve overall body structure by over 60% within the first 2mins of wear, decrease pain, improve sleep, regulate blood flow, and improve recovery. Activating your body to reach its full potential. With over 60,000 clinical hours and the call of God on his life to further and refine SRM® concepts of therapies, Brian has a continued vision to expand Synergy Release Method® therapeutic services and Intelligent Threads into the world’s most premier body structure methodology. 

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