Cheya Thousand

founder of CT Wellness Co.

Cheya Thousand, the founder of CT Wellness Co., knows stress isn’t just inconvenient and bothersome; it can be downright paralyzing and debilitating. As an author, prolific speaker and Stress + Self-Care Consultant, Cheya teaches students and corporate teams the importance of managing stress and leveraging self-care tactics to thrive at work, school and in their everyday lives.

Recognizing the detrimental effects stress can have on peoples’ lives, Cheya views her work as a vital calling and a way to pull ambitious, hard-working professionals and students into the stress-free lives they deserve to live. And through her recent assignment guiding more than 500 students through the mental ups and downs of the pandemic, she is undoubtedly answering that calling.

With a self-published book, Holding Space for Self, and a lengthy list of transformative stress-reducing and burnout-prevention signature speaking topics, Cheya is on an ongoing mission to help students and corporate teams advocate for themselves and live intentional and purposeful lives.

Visit to find out how Cheya can teach your audience how to lower and prevent stress, reclaim their time and develop the resilience they need to overcome whatever challenges life, school or work throws their way.

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