Colette Schnabel

Biohacking Mama

Hi! I am a biohacking mama from south Florida. Prior to being a mom I  travelled the world working aboard mega yachts chasing summers. I lived a work hard party harder lifestyle and did not take care of my body or mental health. I fell into the space of health and wellness when I became pregnant with my son. Shortly after he was born I started living in chronic pain at the young age of 30. I exhausted all options of holistic modalities, cleansing, and still could not find relief for more than a short period of time from my chronic pain. 

I had a close friend educate me on how traumas specifically childhood traumas caused blockages in energy in your body and could show up as pain, discomforts, and could possibly turn into illness or dis-ease.

From knowing nothing about frequencies to having my whole life turned right side up in a matter of 6 short months I became a quantum frequency nerd!!! I fell in love with the technology and I could not believe I had never been educated on what frequency medicine could do for humanity. I went down deep quantum rabbit holes wanting to know as much as possible to understand how and why microcurrent frequencies are so powerful. 

I have been leading the launch of this device in the USA since October 2020. I took it upon myself to share this remarkable device to as many as I could. I took Healy to some of the nations largest biohacking, functional medicine, and yoga expos to get the word of Healy out there. The Upgrade Biohacking Conference by Dave Asprey, The Biohacking Congress, A4M (The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), The Global Yoga expo to name a few. 

I was recognized on a global scale from Healy to be one of the field advisory board members for Healy World Americas after one short year of being with the company. It is an honor to be representing something so powerful that is changing the way people view health and wellness. I know coach and mentor hundreds of men and women across the globe on how they too can live a life with higher vibration and abundance. 

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