Dasha Maximov

Founder & CEO, WhealthCo

Dasha Maximov, former-management consultant turned health explorer, found that the available information for addressing her chronic pain and depression from multiple concussions was limited and frustrating. Specialists across the globe offered reductionist approaches and outdated recommendations. Her last brain injury was, ironically, when she was doing her masters in neuroscience. Knowing about the brain and feeling the frustration of shrugged shoulders, led her on a path of health exploration to take control of her health and educate herself on alternative ways to heal her brain.

In 2019, after healing many of her immediate, chronic pains via natural hacks, Dasha turned to bring this information to others by organizing The Health Optimisation Summit, Europe’s largest alternative and preventative health conference. Quickly she saw that a gap existed in the health world surrounding women-specific health topics.

To solve this, she created WhealthCo, an online global community focused on evidence-based science for women. The online forum bridges together doctors, researchers, healers and ‘laywomen’ to focus specifically on knowledge sharing about women’s health issues. Each week the forum has guest doctors and researchers provide answers to members’ questions.

Dasha believes that health is best achieved when a person is informed about their options and that this is possible only through connecting together and learning from each other. A problem is solved much quicker when there are diverse perspectives looking at it from multiple angles.

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