Jean Fallacara

Serial Entrepreneur, Scientist, Author, Athlete, and Founder & CEO of LIFESPANNING MEDIA

Jean Fallacara, an engineer in biotechnology with a specialization in virtual reality and augmented reality from MIT, holds a BSc in Biochemistry, a Master in Genetics and Immunology. Jean is an expert in Endurance, Brain Conditioning & Neurosciences.

Currently CEO at Biohackers Magazine LLC, a company he acquired in 2021, also known as Cyborggainz, he is also the author of "Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack your Body Clock".


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Creator of Cyborggainz World's First Human Optimization platform using functional neuroscience applied to sports & fitness. Involving neuroplasticity, biohacking, science, cognitive functions, technology, and nature, to enhance physical performance and live healthier.

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