Jeff Maier

Co-Founder, VP of Sales & Marketing, Rapid Release

Jeff was named a Lite Beer All-Star in 1988 and was featured on ABC World News, ESPN, CNN, Fox, and international TV shows for his virtual reality surfing and snowboarding simulator inventions. Jeff began his career writing Flight Code for the GPS satellite at Rockwell Space Systems in 1981 and then created dozens of video games including “The Cabbage Patch Kids” for Coleco. Despite being an expert in internet security and cryptography, he is also an author, singer, songwriter, yoga teacher, Bio Hacker, and Life Enthusiast.

Jeff knew a good thing when he saw the early prototype in Dr. Stanbridge's office and offered his enthusiastic support by providing financial, marketing, and sales expertise to bring this innovative, cost-effective solution to democratize health care and to help everyone live to their highest potential.

Learn how this new technology is the best-kept secret in Medicine.  Great for rehab, prehab, training, and flexibility.  And oh yes, it gets you out of pain quickly and comfortably.

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