John Graham Harper

CEO at Lumaflex

Certified Master Trainer, speaker, and fitness professional with 15 years of extensive experience in the fitness industry, gym management, and fitness technology. Throughout my career, I have specialized in various areas such as sales, promotion, marketing, management, and operations, acquiring a diverse skill set that encompasses all aspects of the fitness business. Over a decade ago, I established JohnGrahamFitness in Shenzhen, China, rapidly becoming a renowned leader in the fitness industry. At Mission Hills, I was the golf academy director of fitness, working with elite-level tour players and emerging golf stars. I was featured on the Golf Channel through a series of videos on golf fitness. Collaborating with various tech companies, I released my own popular video series on home workouts and boxing tutorials.

As a co-founder, I successfully launched six thriving gyms and provided consulting services to numerous others. Additionally, I co-founded Impakt vSports, a fitness blockchain company revolutionizing the workout experience by gamifying exercise sessions with real-time webcam-based rep counting, interactive gaming, and avatar customization. I founded WCFN (White Collar Fight Night), an acclaimed boxing event that attracts CEOs, executives, and white-collar professionals to compete in the ring for charitable causes. With 37 events to date, WCFN has garnered widespread sponsorship, media coverage, and inspired countless individuals to embrace fitness and personal challenges. Moreover, WCFN has made a significant impact on underprivileged communities through its charitable initiatives. Expanding its reach globally, WCFN has plans for expansion in the United States, Thailand, and Dubai in 2023.

Throughout my personal training and competition journey, I have encountered numerous injuries and setbacks, driving me to seek optimized approaches for injury prevention and recovery. During this pursuit, I discovered the remarkable benefits of red light therapy while recovering from a knee injury. This led to LumaFlex, a game-changing flexible, portable, and waterproof panel that enables individuals, including athletes, to access red light therapy treatment conveniently and efficiently."

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