Joshua James Bailey

Brain Health Evangelist, BrainTap

Chief Executive Officer THRYV HEALTH. Co-Founder & Previous CEO of Unicorn Universe 🦄 Founder of THRYV, a Nutrient Dense Soil to Spoon Movement - #BrainHealthEvangalist #Biologics #humanpotential #healthwellnessadvisement #neuralneuronaloptimization #psychedelicsciencefordepressionandanxiety

Joshua James Bailey advises Family Offices in creative and legacy strategies to achieve their generational wealth and humanity goals. Multiple Founder and Funder, Board Member, and advising roles.

Currently, 80% of his time is spent as a Private Advisor & Fiduciary Specialist in the THRYV Family Office. He is a member of the firm's Management Committee. He specializes in advising around an array of Health and Wellness initiatives.  The foundation being the data analysis and regeneration of farm soils around the world. The THRYV movement is focused on conversations, education and investments in nutrient dense soil creation and all things from Soil to the Spoon.

C-Suite Advisor and Strategist

Advisor to and seeker of Strategic Partnerships for LEAP: The SAAS Business Development Firm. 

Previously Managing Executive and current Advisor to Beverly Hills marketing and publicity firm Icon Builder Media. 

Previous Board Member of Manhattan-based publishing company Silver Torch Press.

Co-founder Board Member CreativeFive restaurant & corporate catering development.

Co-founder SAAS serving and fulfilling for over 3,500 white label marketing agencies.

2003 - 2018 Joshua led executives in the world of online marketing solutions, and conversion tactics.  He is passionate about revolutionizing how businesses grow. He is also a master trainer and coach who specializes in educating businesses on integrating traditional and digital marketing, as well as how to leverage company assets to maximize marketing performance. Raised in an entrepreneurial family with experience and background in many industries from commercial construction, boat dealership, gun store, ranching, telecommunications, restaurants, et al, he has been able to contribute and grow all sizes of businesses, from startup to enterprise. 

His goals are to: empower people to create wealth, create better systems and automation to free up time for families and individuals, and liberate them from the fear and frustration that these uncertain times can cultivate. He has and will continue to be part of profitable projects throughout his career, and he loves to connect people to what can help them accomplish their goals, projects, and dreams.

Joshua is deeply involved with UNICORN CHARITIES, providing access to business owners to solutions and partners to grow and exit their businesses quickly and profitably. Constantly learning how to better himself, his family and community with the Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints. He and his beautiful wife Tiffanie have a Girl Named Calypsi Rogue, a boy, Dublin Trail, a girl, Cairo Syrus, a boy, Stellar Jive, a girl, Golden Pixie-Clover, and hopefully more on the way.

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