Juliana Andreeva

Speech Coach, Founder of Voice Bio-hacking

Juliana Andreeva is the founder of Voice Bio-hacking. She is a musician, singer, voice, and speech coach, voice recording producer, and musical producer. She also specializes in voice neurophysiology and voice therapy. Juliana was born into a family of musicians, with her mother being a well-known opera singer. Her parents pushed her to study music in her childhood, but this was not enough to help her with her singing. Juliana graduated from the Musical College of N.A Rimsky-Korsakov in St-Petersburg Russia with a bachelor's degree as a musical conductor. She then went to the N. A Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory and graduated with a bachelor's degree as a chief opera director. Later, she graduated from the University of Culture and Arts in St-Petersburg with a bachelor's degree as an orchestra choir conductor. Despite years of studies, Juliana still struggled to manage her voice, couldn't sing, and hated playing the piano. Her mother always said, "Juliana, you are singing the wrong way!"

Juliana began to research a new method that could help her singing capabilities after working with 26 voice coaches over the years with no success. Based on her extensive research, she discovered that combining neurology, kinesiology, osteopathy, and psychology could provide answers. Juliana created her own method, backed with medical research, to help people with no voice training develop their skills in a short period of time. In 2015, Juliana opened her own vocal studio and has since created more than 70 educational programs. Nowadays, Juliana works with CEOs, celebrities, bloggers, and professional singers. Some of her own songs can be heard on Spotify. Recently, she finished her first book, re-educated 10 voice coaches, created her online academy, and started working on her app. Since the pandemic, she has been working with students from over 26 countries. Juliana's voice bio-hacking method has had a great impact on the business community, providing productivity, focus, and stress relief.

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