Olivia Young

Founder Livyoung / Box + Flow

Olivia Young attended culinary school after college before working at Food & Wine Magazine and then leading Altamarea Group, a global hospitality firm in their global expansion under the guise of Ahmass Fakahany, former president of Merrill Lynch. As Brand Director she managed the PR, Marketing and Social Media departments as well as running OY & Co., representing other celebrity chef talent. After 7 years, Olivia left to pursue her passion of healing others through her own learning: as an avid yogi since 15 and boxer since age 20, Olivia created Box + Flow, a boutique fitness experience combining the opposites of boxing + yoga to create balance. Box + Flow lived as two studios in New York City, a 45-minute fight and flow experience, to channel balance in the mind and body: inspiration and empowerment through energy, breath, movement and music. In studios without mirrors, the environment curated a safe space for people to feel, to face their internal fight and find flow. "Bringing Mindfulness to the Fight." Olivia opened her second studio 3-weeks before Covid shut down and was called to answer her own internal knowing, ironic given the doors of her spaces read "Everything You Need is Inside." The call she received was via psychedelic assisted therapy with led her down a two year journey of uncovering her own subconscious fight, that which she had no memory. On her way she acquired tools to supplement her food, movement, meditation and fitness backyard, including a deeper dive into plant medicine, breath work, Andean Shamanism, spirituality to bring herself back to life. In tandem, she consulted for food + wellness brands including Floyd Mayweather's boxing franchise to help reprogram their class offerings. Olivia is currently writing a book about her journey, coaching others to face their fight and find their flow, as well as launching her platform LIVYOUNG, a full spectrum lifestyle guide to reinhabiting the vessel we so often just exist in on autopilot. Olivia is committed to "liv" fully, and hopes to hold others in their journeys. 

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