Chief Medical Officer, Embr Labs

Dr. Pamela Peeke is a nationally renowned physician, scientist, expert, thought leader and TED speaker in the fields of integrative, preventive and lifestyle medicine. Dr. Peeke is a Pew Foundation Scholar in Nutrition and Metabolism, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland, holds dual masters’ degrees in public health and policy from the University of California at Berkeley, and is a Fellow of both the American College of Physicians and the American College of Sports Medicine, of which she is a board member. Trained at the National Institutes of Health, Dr Peeke is a senior clinical scientist and expert in metabolic hacks, from nutrition to addiction. Her Wall Street TED Talk “Hooked, Hacked and Hijacked” has been viewed by over 2 million. Currently, as Chief Medical Officer for Embr Labs, she’s hacking body temperature from the inside out with a hot new bestselling wearable technology, the Embr Wave 2.

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