Sarah Turner

CEO and Co-Founder of CeraThrive

Sarah Turner has a postgraduate degree in Clinical Neuroscience from Roehampton University in London. She also holds BSc degrees in Psychological Sciences and Nutritional Medicine from Westminster University and Thames Valley University, respectively. Currently, she is pursuing a diploma in Photobiomodulation at the University of Montpellier in France. During the initial decade of her career, Sarah worked as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. Her role involved planning and conducting experiments to examine the impact of electrostatics on physiology.

Sarah actively participates in the Biohacker movement and has had the opportunity to interview prominent thought leaders, visionaries, and experts in the field of Biohacking. Through these interactions, she has gained a deep understanding of the crucial role of physics in relation to biology. This has ignited her interest in the areas of quantum biology in health, photomedicine, and consciousness studies. Sarah's primary focus lies in photobiomodulation, which involves utilizing specific light wavelengths and pulsed frequencies to enhance optimal functioning, with a specific emphasis on brain-related issues. As the Co-Founder and CEO of CeraThrive, she spearheads the production of a red light therapy system that specifically targets the gut-brain connection.

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