Biohacking 101: Introduction

Biohacking is not just the hacking of your bodies but is the conscious change of your mind and lifestyle.

For generations, we humans have dreamed of the possibility of being the best in every way imaginable. As the most intelligent species that exists on the planet, there is no one left to compete with… except for ourselves. It is human nature to strive to be perfect, and it is also human nature to find more efficient ways to live life through avenues that circumvent the struggles of life. We strive to make our lives easier, to do work with the least amount of energy possible while performing to our fullest potentials and experiencing what the world has to offer. In this era, it is a time of self-realization and thought that will enable us to discover the best versions of ourselves. 

Out in the distance, we see a wave approaching us as we stand buried in the sand of societal norms of perfection and success. With only ourselves to compete with, we turn to a new way, a new method of achieving what we most desperately want. With every rising generation, decade, or era, there will always come new challenges and struggles that we as a society must band together to rise up and work through. The inherent human need to be the best and perform at our finest is now, more in demand ever than before. This wave that gently laps at our feet are rising slowly every day as we carry on through our daily lives and perform our daily activities.

The waves of this mighty movement will allow us to rise to the next step of human advancement and will raise us to the next stage in this generation of our lives. It is a societal movement and field of science that will empower the men and women of future generations in ways we have only dreamed about: welcome to the world of biohacking.

The field of biohacking will be the revolutionary bedrock on which society will advance and will be the future for generations and generations afterwards. It will be the next stage of our lives and we invite you all to be a part of this revolutionary might majestic movement that will shape the world as we know it. But what is this mysterious magic that we keep alluding to? Biohacking is the harnessing of inherent human potential and optimizing each individual to create a unique and specialized version of yourself. To create the best you possible. It is a concept that many Silicon Valley CEOs, athletes, and every day people are starting to become more informed about, slowly incorporating these values into their daily lives. Though it includes many categories and subcategories that fall underneath the umbrella of biohacking, they all have these goals in common: 

1. Performance enhancement

2. Smarter living

3. Life longevity

Even with these stated goals, there are numerous implications and ways to define how these goals pertain to each individual. Everyone who looks at these goals has their own idea on what makes them the best, and what they wish to improve about themselves; though many people may share common wants and needs.

Biohacking includes a myriad of categories and subcategories that all together create the slowly rising wave of change that will soon wash over societal norms and lifestyles and be a part of every person's life, well-being, and decision making. Many experts in the field agree on these three categories of biohacking:

1. Nutrigenomics

2. DIY Biology

3. Grinder biohacking

Under these main categories incorporate smaller subcategories such as: Exercise, nutrition, sleep, mental health, hygiene, exercise, medical tests, and supplements that fall underneath the main three categories that all have unique goals and ways of achieving success.

This is by no means a solution to our problems, nor is it a magical fix to the problems and issues in our lives and society. But it is a mindset, a willingness to change and grow. It is taking the bodies that we are born with, and testing the flexibility of our minds, and determining the capabilities that our bodies are willing to stretch, in order to accommodate our challenging environment and society. 

Biohacking is not just one idea that itself has the power to influence others, but is a notion that will seep into the fabric and thread of our lives and of society that hold us together and works in wondrous and mysterious ways to allow us to perform at the very best. It allows you to showcase a performance unrivaled by any other because biohacking takes you and enhances you to be the very best; and there will be no one else like you. 

The new world of biohacking is one that is only starting to be uncovered, slowly at first, but is quickly gaining momentum as more and more influential members of society begin to take notice of this movement that helps them to perform at higher standards and live a better life. There is so much yet to be uncovered, and many patterns and connections yet to be drawn with one another to link these processes and phenomenons together. It is essential for each individual to do their own research, to determine what they feel is best for them, but to also discover new trends to share with the world of biohacking.


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