Bioregulator Peptides - A New Category of Small Molecules and their Impact on Longevity

“Google age reversal and you will get images of peoples’ faces (mostly women) with ½ aged and ½ youthful, sometimes with scary peeled back skin.  Of course, we all want to look more like our younger selves but what most of us in this room are really after is deeper than that. We are after a phenomenon now referred to as “Improved Health Span” not only do we want to live longer, but we also want to look great and we want to feel great, we want to be vibrant, mobile, clear-headed the whole package. 

What we most commonly see in aging adults:

- Immune System Declines – everything from Cancer to being more vulnerable to bugs
- Brain function declines – reflexes, processing speed to neurodegenerative decline
- Lose lean muscle mass and bone mass – we become less physically able
- Develop Metabolic Diseases
- Cardiovascular Disease
- Organs, in general, don’t function as well so we experience a decline in all facets of health
- Sleep goes up in smoke so we are less able to recover
- Digestion declines, so we are less able to digest food and assimilate nutrients further contributing to aging and the development of diseases and imbalances.”

The Hallmarks of Aging, at a minimum:

- Telomere Attrition
- Epigenetic Alteration
- Cellular Senescence (by improving telomere length)
- Genomic Instability

“Aging is a complex process that an increasing number of researchers label as a disease. In many ways, we can consider it a disease that will eventually absolutely end our lives, however, can we slow it down?  Can we delay it? The good news is that disease by definition is a solvable problem, the bad news is that the body is an incredibly complex system. But in my mind we often make the mistake of underestimating what the body can do, at its best given the right stimulus and removing obstacles – we know that the body is capable of incredible feats of healing and regeneration. In Bioregulator Peptides we have a tool coming to us from nature that some researchers have shown may unlock many of these regenerative processes.”

What Are Bioregulator Peptides?

“The smallest of proteins – Bioregulator Peptides are 2-4 amino acid chains that target specific tissues, glands, and organs. They can cross into the nucleus of the cell “what many would call the command center”, bind to DNA, and either turn or silence specific genes. They are for this reason referred to as The Ultimate Epigenetic Switch.”

“We have essentially two options when it comes to BRP. Actual extracts from tissues/glands and organs harvested from specially raised 12-month-old calves that are then processed encapsulate and taken orally, or synthetic analogs of those amino acid sequences synthesized in labs – these can be administered by subcutaneous injection, transdermally, sublingually, increasing modes of administration.

“Peptide Bioregulators regenerate organs impaired by aging, disease, and trauma. The Peptides developed at the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology constitute a proven biological reprogramming technology, rejuvenating cells to revitalize tissue/organs and entire bodies, ultimately decreasing vulnerability to age-related degenerations and prolonging human life.” - Professor Vladimir Khavinson MD, Ph.D.”

Meaning of Peptides for - A healthy person:

- We can expect to slow the rate of aging 
- Improve recovery from day to day wear and tear
- Improve tissue and gland restoration from normal “aging-related” degradation
- The goal is ultimately to “tap into” the 42% biological reserve that - Prof Khavinson believes is innate in the human system

For people with health issues, bioregulators should also help with the restoration of damaged tissues, glands, and organs  However – underlying drivers, deficiencies, etc must be addressed simultaneously for the BR to be effective. "

“Epitalon Alone has shown jaw-dropping benefits – not only can it lengthen telomeres, restore melatonin production, restore circadian rhythms and reset the endocrine system, but it also has shown incredible applications for the eyes (in Retinosa Pigmentosis), for skin, for the thymus gland AND it has anti-tumor properties. 

Thymus (Thymogen): better immunity AND can be administered in conjunction with cancer therapy to improve outcomes, also may improve stress resilience. Vesugen – used to support the heart and circulatory system – in some studies was helpful for hypertension and helped to improve blood cholesterol and reduce levels of VLDL.  Livagen: Helpful in cases of hepatitis but general supports proper liver function wrt detoxification, blood clotting, digestion, and in some cases improved liver enzymes.”

The Idea Of Modulation Vs “Boosting”  - We hold high-performance athletes up as paragons of health.  But the truth is that these are people who age faster than their years.  At the age of 32, sportsmen can have a Biological Age that of a 56-year-old!

Bioregulators and HER2 Gene:

Two Benchmarks

- Telomere age
- DNA Methylation (Horvath Clock)

Telomerase slows the rate at which telomeres degrade and research indicates people with longer telomeres have less risk of developing the common illnesses of aging. - Elizabeth Blackburn, Ph.D., 2009 Nobel Laureate

As telomeres shorten:

- DNA Can no longer Repair
- Increased DNA Damage
- Increase in cellular senescence
- Affects every tissue, gland & organ in the body
- Can restore function to the pineal gland and hence acts as a Master Endocrine Regulator
- Restores proper Circadian Rhythm
- Normalizes Melatonin production
- Activates Telomerase – restoring  telomeres
For this reason, this BP underpins every protocol, also the reason why this would ultimately be most peoples’ “desert island peptide”. 

“For each one year increase in the difference between chronological and epigenetic age, there is a 6% increased risk of developing  cancer  within 3 years and a 17% increased risk  of dying from cancer in the next 5 years.”  - Jylhärä et al 2017

Epigenetic Age Trial

Based on human and animal studies, arrows point to BRP being part of an effective strategy to Increase both Lifespan and HealthSpan by driving the regeneration of tissues and organs in the human body. At this point the longer we live well the better able we will be to take advantage of fast-emerging technology to further improve health and life span. 

How Else Can We Slow Aging?

- Diet – including fasting and/or caloric restriction
- Exercise – find your sweet spot
- Hormones 
- Sleep – Circadian Cycle
- Nature – Natural Light
- Toxic Load
- STRESS MANAGEMENT (Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga) 
- Joy and Gratitude

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Based on the lecture by Nathalie Niddam