Emotional Repatterning: Biohacking Your Way to Emotional Freedom + Relationship Success

Bizzy has been working in the mental health space for a long time with all different types of populations, from the prison system all the way up to fortune 500 CEOs. In their pursuit of healing emotionally, each person is plagued with the inherent pattern that makes them see and approach their healing in a very flawed way.

As technology has become more and more prevalent, people tend to look for quick hacks. Even the term hack has the inference of being able to snap your fingers and magically heal. People tend to look for technology apps, telemedicine to try to solve their problems. Unfortunately, it does not work this way for our brain.

We've seen people get healthier and healthier, but mental health continues to decline. All of us can attest to the fact that while we are more connected than ever, everyone's on their devices all the time, many of us are feeling more lonely, more disconnected, and our mental health seems to be declining even faster than it had been previously.

“I’ve tried to understand why with all of the money and innovation that's happening, we continually seem not to be able to innovate our way out of the mental health crisis. This was when I started to approach looking at the brain simply as a computer with a virus.

“I found that when you approach the brain like a computer with the virus, magically people were able to see the pattern and see how that pattern was influencing the way they perceived the world around them, interacting with relationships. People were able to effectively remove themselves from that pattern and learn to observe it in a way that they could rewire.” Bizzie Gold, Break Method Founder and author of The Self-Study, said.

The entire focus of the brain is to keep us safe. When we were cave people, the brain was intended to keep us safe from physical danger, and in that, we learned to learn about smells and sounds that were all associated with us being in physical danger; but, unfortunately, now we live a life that is tech-focused than ever. We're very isolated in our home, and there's no necessarily inherent physical danger lurking around every corner. However, our brain is still trying to keep us safe and what's happened is that as our modern era has progressed, our brain now thinks that safety just means repetitious cause and effect.

Bizzi explained: “Whatever happens with repetitive adverse conditions in childhood anchors in this pattern, and our brain seeks to not only recreate it but place it as a label of architecture over every single thing that we do in our life. If you work in the mental health space, you consistently have clients that come to you and say, ‘hey, I have the problem of dating the same person. I keep ending up in a deep depression.’”

Why do we date the same people over and over again? Why do we find ourselves in a toxic environment? Why do we keep making mentally unhealthy decisions? “The reason why this is happening is that the brain is leading you literally on a hamster wheel of repetition because it doesn't know how to interact with its environment in any other way. Any time you take a step off of the hamster wheel, it will do anything possible to trick you or justify the choice that will get you back onto the hamster wheel. When we go into trying to solve a problem, the best solution that is typically the most sustainable and has the most elegantly succinct and straightforward answer that often we don't see as we're clouded by the details that are too close to the problem. “ Bizzy described.

Suppose you think about how this virus gets created. In that case, the easiest way to distill it would be input equals output, so in this case, for the brain, the input to the child's brain will be the parents’ actions, choices, and how their parent exhibits emotional intelligence. 

How does your child perceive safety? It's not a one-size-fits-all process, every child will experience it slightly differently, and it's going to dictate a whole lot about how they experience life as an adult. When we look at how this virus dictates our reality as an adult, it will teach us how we define love, affection, attraction, and desire. It's going to teach us how we perceive and define communication. 

People that are always trying to hold it all together for everyone and manage everyone's emotional needs have chaotic prioritization of their needs. Bizzi explains it as when you give a task to a person to make a to-do list with the three most important things. In this case, the three basic most essential things for them are at the bottom. They are at the bottom. This pattern certainly affects how you make major life decisions about moving, purchases, parenting, marriage, career, and how you navigate roads.

Bizzie at Break Method teaches different places to interrupt the cycle of emotional repatterning. One of them is to deeply become aware of your triggers, not just the self-explanatory ones, often the red herrings but all of the triggers subconscious and conscious. That gives you a chance to know precisely what triggers you to be prepared with how to respond to that thing in a way that is outside of your pattern. Should that not work, you are also taught how to disrupt at the assumption and conclusion levels. If you're able to disrupt the assumption, you then don't formulate a conclusion based on that assumption, and then you're not going to behave in a way that that assumption was telling you to act. Now you're no longer triggering the person in your environment.

BiohackingCongress's Team is appreciative to Bizzie Gold for joining our biohacking conference and giving an educational lecture. 

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Based on the lecture by Bizzie Gold.