Enlighten your life with Infrared...Sun’s Magical Frequencies

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One of our amazing speakers Robby Besner, PSc.D, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, Therasage gave a lecture “Enlighten your life with Infrared...Sun’s Magical Frequencies” at our previous  Biohacking Congress in Silicon Valley. Infrared therapy is a great biohack, you can learn more about it in our new article based on Robby’s lecture.

At his lecture, Robby covered a lot of ground about real practical information that people can use to shift their life. He described the science behind infrared frequencies that go back more than 100 years and enlighten infrared frequencies benefits.

Mr. Besner started the lecture by mentioning the benefits of infrared while fasting. Many people experience any fasting, whether it's weight loss or just for detox.  While fasting, you are liberating the toxins held in your fat, and that is why often when you're fasting, you feel that if you get a detox response. Robby covered it more precisely at his lecture. 

One of the biohacks, when you integrate or combine the synergies of fasting, getting a weight loss program, or anything that liberates a toxin, is to use an infrared sauna to pull the toxins out. 

Furthermore, Robby covered some applied health applications.

Body detoxing is one environmental toxin heavy metals and even the esmog as well as all of the exogenous frequencies that were bombarded with today in our lives: Bluetooth, EMF and now the new category that is extremely low frequencies which is another technical term for dirty electricity. 

Cellular detox organ. There are particular protocols one uses natural castor oil and in combination with infrared to drive that castor oil into the organs or any body part that you're looking to detox. Then also using mud packing techniques with bentonite clay. Therasage uses bentonite clay, and there's a lot of clays out there that you can use. Therasage combines it with an active aloe vera based liquid to taste the clay, and then we apply it to the body. It will draw out toxins and not help to connect interference feelings. This is essential because most people don't understand when they have surgery, when they get acupuncture or get on anything that basically punctures the skin, people know we heal our tissues and our muscles recover.

Our tendency heals from all of these events, but one thing that doesn't necessarily heal is the energy meridians' connection. We can use bentonite clay packing, mud packing actually to connect all of the energy feels. It's essential because the body is a combination of body energy, body battery, and body bolted on a cell level. This information is so crucial to our neurological system to keep us healthy.

"Therasage is listed with the FDA. The devices are considered class 2 medical devices, and the three items here are 3, 4, and 5 classes. Based on the FDA switches, the FDA's credentialing is technically all I can talk about," Mr. Besner said.

Robby underlined there is a vast number of sciences about infrared on public access; hence, he paid his attention to give the hacks that anyone can use as early as tomorrow to change their lives chronic pain relief, improving circulation, helping reduce our relaxation and destress are some of them that Mr. Besner can talk about. 

Physical therapy is essential. You can use infrared to warm your body and all your connective tissues up. Deem, you have had some injury or bouncing back from a chronic injury. In that case, you cannot warm up your structural system connected to your muscular system that penetrates heat unless you use infrared technology. Many of the connective tissues in the body are soon almost rubber lip when you warm them up. Of course, they become more elastic, it's crucial, particularly for a range of motion. As we age, you can lose a lot of your range of action unless you are very active. As we know, if you don't use it, you lose it over time. Robby advised starting to stretch and do all the things to stay vibrant. But suppose you are one of those who are slow to come around. In that case, if you use infrared frequencies and infrared devices, you can warm up your muscular and your structural system, and both of those things will operate a lot better, and you'll feel a whole lot more youthful. 

Wound care. If you can warm up the wound site using infrared technology, it will improve circulation and bring blood and oxygen to the wound area. It penetrates through most bandages. In fact, the only things that filter infrared frequencies are silicone and latex. Improve the circulation and oxygenation to the area that the wound site elevates the temperature of the one side so kill off any airborne bacteria that might be captured, that could potentially cause infection and then expedite the healing because your blood carries all the healing properties RNA, DNA, and oxygen. That is certainly what you need. These are all functions that the body does naturally. Still, when you use infrared technology to significantly focus on the area, the brain shifts the amount of energy and blood supply and things like that to where the wound is, which will extract the healing.

Cellulite reduction is more anti-aging. Therasage has done some physical studies on that, as you can use infrared techniques for a technology when you put it over an area with either blood clumping or a fat clumping together. It separates them. Part of that is because they are attracted because of the cells' ionic charges, and part of it has to do with just the way they are packed together. Infrared frequencies create vibration, and that resonant vibration actually breaks those bonds and breaks the blood cells' use apart from in the sense of those fat molecules. 

Neuro Frequencies are the ones that do everything that has to do with the skin as collagen production, which is also anti-aging, comes along with the infrared spectrum. 

Nutritional uptake. Therasage has studied many ways to get things into your bloodstream more recently in IV clinics. We all know that we should eat, drink, and breathe to get things done. The bypass of all those systems using an IV therapy to go directly into the blood is a great way to reinforce any deficiencies in the vitamin and/or even something as simple as your hydration to bring that backup. 

Infrared warms the body up from the inside and creates vasodilation from that and improves your metabolism, moves more of whatever's in your blood around somewhere between a 15% to 20% higher frequency. It does two things. More exposure to all your tissues for whatever is in your bloodstream. If you are eating clean organic nutrition, taking supplements or medications, will be more exposed to your tissues. The second thing affects the tissues and makes them more supple and more absorbent. Together, the two things have a more efficient sponge, which would create a higher absorption rate and more exposure together with a great synergistic combination. 

Robby also mentioned Dr. Gerald Pollack's "The Fourth Phase of Water," where Dr. Pollack discovered that specific frequencies within the infrared spectrum restructure your waterside, which is crucial because water basically connects everything. 

If you drink a fair amount of water during the day, you probably have somewhere between 70% - 72% hydrated. Your brain is about 81% hydrated, or 81% of metal water in your cells are up to 98% of water. Water is the glue and a sense that connects everything in our body. Dr. Pollock discovered the people who had pathogens and had some disease had unstructured water inside them. And the way to naturally restructure the water inside the body is sunlight. The spectrum of sunlight does the introspection. "Some of the frequencies that Dr. Pollack uses in his clinic are all part of the full spectrum approach that we take as a company. It inspired us to make a water filtration system that incorporates the infrared frequencies that restructure and reorder the water," Robby Besner explained.

Protein folding is an interesting one because these trillions of strands of they're almost like spaghetti of proteins waiting to be formed into a usable format. Protein is the building block of our tissues in our muscles and is needed for us to thrive. A protein to become usable for a protein in the body has to fold over the structure water molecule absent infrared frequency and structural water molecule a protein can't truly form. That is a sort of a very unique and quality of infrared frequencies. 

The infrared light is the ultimate biohack. Here are just some of the benefits of it:

  •  - Detoxification;
  •  - Decrease Inflammation;
  •  - Increase circulation;
  •  - Relieve pain;
  •  - Burn calories;
  •  - Sleep Better;
  • - Immune Enhancement & Promote overall health and wellness;
  • - Skin Enhancement;
  • - Mental Clarity;
  • - Relaxation.

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The BiohackingCongress team is grateful to the incredible Robby Besner for giving the enriching lecture!

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