Feast/ Famine Cycling: The Ultimate Hormone Hack

Have you ever gone to the Internet to figure out how to live healthier? One of the first things that you would see there is going detox. It all seems so easy, just do a colon cleanse, some saunas, and don’t forget about heavy metal cleanses. In the course of three months, you are supposed to see the results. But it is not all that easy. The real detox has to be at the cell.

Dr. Daniel Pompa, the author of the Cellular Healing Diet and Beyond Fasting and Co-Founder & CEO of Content and Protocol Development, CytoDetox, a biohacking company, focuses on immunity and on the principle of why diet variation works for longevity and health.

“If we focus on the immunity standpoint一which should be a hot topic today一we hear that we need to raise up vitamin D, take some Zinc... If we're only so simple. The fact is that because we don't vary our diet, we’re having a horrible effect on our immune system and our hormones. The diet variation is the ultimate biohack for anti-aging, real immunity, and cellular healing.”

I have two major premises that I teach my children. One is that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. If we remove the interference, our bodies will heal.  Our major premises determine our actions. As a matter of fact, you can oftentimes look at somebody's life whether it's good, bad, or/and successful and you can look at those results and bring it back to either a really good premise or a bad one. 

“A friend of mine teaches something called a life book where there are 12 pillars of success. We would all agree if this is in balance, that's a really successful life. It's not just financially. There's a balance amongst these 12 pillars. The point of the whole life book is that we intentionally write our own books based on one thing 一 our premises. We look at what we believe and that will determine how our life turns out. Therefore, we break down what your premise is - about money, health, relationships, and so on. If you score badly, you somehow have a flawed premise. We need to know our premises.”

The second one is this premise of hormesis. “If we start to learn how to run everything through that lens of hormesis, your results are going to go through the roof.”

The Hormetic Principle says if we stress our systems, we can get a positive reaction. However, if we overstress our systems, we start to get a weakened response even to death. Time and dose absolutely play a role here.

Hormesis means an adaptive response of biological systems to mild environmental or self-imposed difficulties through which the system upgrades its functionality and/or tolerance to more rigorous challenges. The bottom line is that your cells get better by adapting to distress. All of those things are happening because there is stress on the system, making those adjustments.

The key when you jump into the premise of hormesis is the cellular stress response. Therefore, if we're building on the concept of getting our cells to adapt better to stress, it is absolutely apparent in every aspect of their health. “The good news is that we can absolutely improve how we adapt to stress and thereby improve our hermetic zone. We want to improve our hormetic zone, and that is true immunity and anti-aging.”

The one thing that you can anchor back to every time to get a complete understanding of how to use this in your life, all the time whether it's your kids stressing, you out a relationship or diet 一 exercise. Physical activity gives your body a moderate dose of stress. Still, here you should remember that if you exercise too much, you end up in inflammation, you actually get insulin resistance which is no good for your body (e.g., you start gaining fat instead of losing it). Additionally, you should change your workout regularly so your body can adapt to more stress.

Fasting is also a significant stressor for our bodies. Fasting too much puts you in a catabolic state, decreases immunity, Muscle loss, and changes in metabolism, increases in 4-HNE (4 hydroxynonenal), and, therefore, increases cancer risk.

The right amount of fasting starts autophagy which makes you live longer. “Fasting works only because it's stressful. Because it's stressful, you can fast and feast too much. The balance is feast famine. Hermetically there's magic in it.”

BiohackingCongress's Team is thankful to Dr. Daniel Pompa for joining our biohacking congress and giving an inspiring lecture for biohacking health. 

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Based on the lecture by Dr. Daniel Pompa.

Authors: Julia Smila