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“I'd like to showcase my "pain to purpose" story so it is important to understand why I am here and why I am doing this. It's because I broke my neck well over 20 years ago. At that time I was the picture of health. I had to figure out a whole different way to live. All I knew was that I was in so much pain, chronic pain that all I could do was just pray, try to exercise, try to use the nutrition, etc. And we've created over the last eight or ten years we've collected a lot of patents.  I'm doing it to solve worldwide stress. It's at the level of figuring out how to take stuff like biohacking, and our technology is called med bed technology.

I just have the passion to help people and beyond helping myself I'm grateful that I'm actually able to do this and help others.

When you're talking about giving your power as a human being, having the ability to have your free choices and having some guy in a lab coat that has nothing to do with you, that has no idea of what's going on in your life, telling you exactly how you should live your life. And we've been known already for remediating from the heavy metals found in some of our sauces. These are big topics coming toward us pretty fast. If you don't have any good solutions, you turn to the new social media networks that are uncensored. Our team created a new category of rejuvenation technologies that prove the solution to cellular level damage that begins with supplying our bodies with a rich supply of antioxidants to reduce inflammation. Cell enrichment, combined with shielding our bodies from oxidative stress and environmental toxins, provides a reliable and sustainable solution to the onslaught of cellular disruption we are exposed to in our daily lives.”

“How do we take care of the mainstream issues? The main stresses: are anxiety, pain stress, and sleeplessness. These main core issues that we can take care of in so many different ways. We do this with at-home solutions with affordable, safe, and effective types of technology. There's a lot of science but there's definitely a lot of issues that play with helping anyone, and we're naturally designed to heal ourselves, our body is naturally designed like instruments of healing. 

It all boils down to stress. We hear about PTSD. Stress is what's taking over, and if you get a lot of stress in your life it turns into an illness that is going to trigger an autoimmune disease. We've created the sleep technology where all you have to do is lay on the bed, no crazy diets, no fancy exercise programs, no pills, just take it once and it's done. Sleep technology is a big one. We'll go over today how we remediate all these layers of toxins and stresses and heavy metals.”

Layers of Healing:

- Groundin,  means a lot of different things. Grounding can mean "I feel grounded", grounding can be utilizing technology, but it means that we were never supposed to be disconnected from the earth. There's a lot of evidence that proves that if we can reduce this extra charge is due to toxins, this extra charge is due to EMFs, this extra charge is due to glyphosates. Better technology in grounding is EMF.

- EMF Shielding. I'd like to tell an important story about that because there was a study done in 1906 it's called "the isle of wight disease" 1906 by Nikola Tesla and the friend or good friend Marconi from the UK wanted to send radio waves across the Atlantic to New York City and so they did it successfully.  But on the flip side of that study the actual island of White south of the UK, all the bees died and a portion of the population had influenza-like symptoms because of the 4g and the 5g and the radio waves. This is something not new, this is old knowledge. I said this is 1906. So EMF shielding is a really important one and depending on the way you look at it. 

- Far Infrared, offers faster recovery cellular response help, it helps reduce toxins in the body it turns on the ATP in the cell.
- Cellular Regeneration
- Detoxification
- Energy, Frequency, Vibration
- Tesla & MedBed Technology
- Plasma & Electrical Medicine

Healing At Home Is Finally Here. Stay grounded while sleeping with patented protection. Regulate digital signals entering your body while working. Neutralizes all harmful signals from electronics day and night. Enhance your daily waking performance and senses.

Once you get the foundation of the technology you can instantly see the improvement fairly instantly. If you are sleeping a long time what does that mean? It means you're living in a sleep deficit. We've all done that, we've all stayed up late: during college hours never sleeping, working all the time.  

Heal At Home Products:

Bed Cover, This patented protection fully grounds you while sleeping by regulating digital signals entering your body while asleep. It neutralizes all these harmful signals from electronics throughout the night so you awaken balanced, bright, and ready to take on the day.

The Sauce, the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties help accelerate cellular wellness. Promising research also suggests that ongoing use of Sauce can slow the development of cancerous cells.

Tesla Technologies: Cellular harmony is difficult to attain on your own, especially when you're constantly bombarded with destructive digital signals (EMFs) and non-harmonic noise all day long. Every cause of inflammation, mental illnesses, diseases, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and much more can be addressed with light frequency balancing. The radiant light frequency can counteract every health issue presented to the modern public today, and might be of particular value to people who have "plateaued" on their healing journey. Tesla Plasma is the ultimate solution for achieving what's just out of reach which is true balance. Research-backed by doctors and developed by medical-focused engineers who were all guided by the search for true wellness by harnessing the genuine innovator Nikola Tesla, along with Rife, Lakhovsky, and Reich as the base foundation of this plasma energy technology, we are using plasma light frequencies to soothe inflammation and diseased states.

Reduce Stress Free

- More Sunlight
- More Outdoors
- More Grounding
- Meditation
- Yoga & Stretching
-Personal Favorte - ENJOY FREESTYLE TAI CHI !!
- Your Style vs My Style


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