How quantum energy healing can make a difference

“Improve Blood, Protect DNA & Cells with quantum energy. If you would like to manifest something new into your life, something powerful whatever it might be you obviously must first be able to imagine it. Your imagination can do all that you ask in proportion to the degree of your attention. So what kind of attention do you place on your desires?

I'll give you the message in a nutshell: you are the creator and with your thoughts, you create the world and that's the big secret of everything. Our technology is not just a biohack, it's also a consciousness hack. It's a revolutionary technology. We research and develop quantum energy products; everything from shirts, necklaces, and the products that we’re most excited about the QB and IB. Our mission is to supply people with products that can help them reach peak health and optimize their life. We're the first company that has developed the technology that can imprint pure quantum energy into any object without the use of any brute force, no electricity, no magnetic force, which makes it extremely special and harmonious with the human cells.”

What is Quantum Energy?

“Every unit of matter contains quantum energy so the quantum energy is really the energy behind the matter, and it's also the energy that we have in every cell. So in each cell there is a quantum energy field and that's how the body communicates, that's how this cell over here communicates with all the other cells instantly, constantly and all the time.”

  • Every unit of matter contains quantum energy
  • There’s a quantum energy field in every cell
  • Through EMFs, bad air, bad food etc. our cells and any living organism are impacted.
  • The good news is there are ways to fully recharge us

We've worked with a lot of different institutes and doctors offices from three different continents.

  • Various studies by BESA Institute Austria
  • Various studies by IGEF Institute Spain & Ireland
  • Dark field microscopy testing by Doctor’s Office 
  • Bio-Well tests by various practitioners
  • Water Structuring Experiment by The Emoto Institute
  • Testing by specialized healer network

“BESA Studies in Austria was the first institute that tested our products. It's the largest biofeedback and biosystem analysis Institute in Europe and it uses an advanced Decavol Method to basically test the bioenergetic functions of all the organs in the body.”

They work with:

  • EMF neutralization & harmonization on various levels
  • Positive impact on physical body
  • Improvement of foods and water
  • Neutralization of various toxic substances
  • Positive improvement with quantum entanglement
  • Transformation of destructive belief systems and traumata

“A person was tested when they came in, then they were exposed to whatever substance they were exposed to, in this case to EMF and you can see the results. It means it's a quite bad state so most people already came in, to begin with to not be in a super healthy state which may be due to the fact that we just don't live in such a healthy world in general, and we need to really take care of ourselves. And you can see already within a very short time frame, all of the organ functions improved and were fully in the balance that they needed to be. Basically, this is the basis for a good life, because you want to be balanced and all your organs should be in a good function. 

IGEF Institute is a largest independent European Research & Testing Institute regarding EMF, “Electrosmog”, and product evaluation

“If you're really tuned in and have unlocked a lot of your consciousness, you don't need to worry about EMF because it doesn't really matter to you. Whatever there is you can just change it with your own consciousness, the reality is that over 99% of the people are not able to do that, because they don't have that level of unlocked consciousness and also they are busy in their day even if they're very tuned in, you have tons of things to do every day and you forget how you can actually take care.”

IGEF Testing & Studies:

  • >99.9% Blocking of any EMF (wifi, 3G, 4G, 5G, microw.)
  • Harmonization/Neutralization of EMF via Heart-Rate-Variability (HRV) Studies
  • 100% of test persons that were impacted by EMF, improved

“So what they did - is they used a heart rate variability study where you test the heart rate variability at first, then you introduce wi-fi and EMFs and show the results before and after and in 100% of the cases all the impact of EMF was completely neutralized by using the Heel Capsule.”

Bio-Well Tests

“I'm really trying to arrive at the one that is absolutely fantastic and will be most interesting to talk about the Bio Well. Some of you biohackers probably have heard that it's a medical device:

  • Bio-Well is a medical device (registered in EU & Russia)
  • Express-assessment of the energetic state of a person
  • Illustrates stress and energy level
  • Electro-Photonic Imaging (EPI) technology (= gas discharge visualization)
  • A Bio-Well Practitioner saw 3x better results compared to any other tests

Darkfield Microscopy is a blood test in which a drop of blood is taken and looked at immediately using a special form of lighting that allows one to see living cells without staining. It provides a look at one’s overall health, microorganisms may be detected, distortions of red blood cells (can reflect nutritional status), and possibly undesirable bacterial or fungal life.

Interpretation of the Darkfield can detect early signs of illness from the forms on the slide. Specifically, Darkfield Microscopy reveals distortions of red blood cells, possible undesirable bacterial/fungal/parasitic life forms, inflammation, and immune activity. The general pattern of findings is most revealing of a person’s imbalances. Certain findings or combinations of findings may indicate: nutritional deficiency (vitamins/minerals), digestive disorders, infections, hormonal imbalances, immune dysfunction, environmental toxicity, internal toxicity, and/or altered blood pH.

The findings in the blood can be seen early in diseases/conditions, sometimes before symptoms appear or before the disease is diagnosable. Early intervention and changes in health habits can alter the course of a person’s health. Darkfield testing can be used to reassess for changes after treatments and/or changes in lifestyle are implemented to monitor progress as well.

“The results from our original Darkfield Microscopy study were so profound that we decided to do more. We worked with Dr. Beverly Rubik to conduct two randomized, blinded, and sham-controlled studies with the Leela Quantum Bloc. The goal of these studies was to test if the Leela Quantum Bloc would protect human subjects from the adverse blood changes caused by exposure to Wi-Fi radiation. The results of both studies show consistent mitigation of the negative blood effects.

Rubik Study #2 serves as an extension of Rubik study #1 because it uses more human subjects and allows for statistical analysis.  The only notable difference between the studies is the strength of the radio frequency radiation exposure which was -10dBm in Study #1 and -25dBm in Study #2. However, the procedures, analysis, and results are essentially the same between the two studies.

These studies were randomized, double or single-blind, and sham-controlled, which is the gold standard of clinical medical research. In total, 16 human subjects were exposed to microwave radiation from a Wi-Fi router placed nearby. Their blood was examined under a darkfield microscope to look for changes, if any, compared to baseline (no exposure), after exposure for 10 minutes to the radiation, and again the following exposure for another 10 minutes with their hands placed in either a sham or active Quantum Bloc device.”

“The baseline blood tests of all subjects revealed normal healthy blood.  Also, all 16 subjects showed adverse blood changes due to Wi-Fi radiation exposure—sticky red blood cells (RBC)—rouleaux and RBC clumping, and greater quantities of fibrin.  The blood microphotographs of all subjects show a consistent change when comparing baseline, wi-fi exposure, and Quantum Bloc exposure.

The protective effects of the Device are clear in that red blood cell rouleaux, aggregation, and fibrin formation are reduced.  The greater activation of white blood cell motility is also noteworthy. 

The results clearly show readily observable, substantial changes in blood morphology from short-term exposure to moderate levels of Wi-Fi radiation exposure to all of the subjects.  RBC aggregation and stickiness as well as early fibrin were observed in live blood samples following 10 minutes of exposure to microwave radiation.  The Quantum Bloc showed a clear protective effect in preventing the red blood cells from sticking together, reducing early fibrin formation, and increasing white blood cell motility.”

Emoto Institute Japan – Water Structure Study

“The Emoto Institute Japan tested our products to study and visualize their effect on water. The results show a significant change in distilled water after being exposed to the Leela Quantum Bottle and Quantum Bloc. 

Here is what Hiro Emoto had to say about our technology:

“The Leela Quantum Bloc improved the energy of water significantly within only 3 minutes. From only one beautiful crystal in the control water, the treated water then had five beautiful crystals. The Leela Quantum Bottle also optimized the water. In 10 minutes, it changed from only one beautiful crystal to three beautiful crystals.”

Clinical Study with Autistic Children in India

“You can help autistic kids with this technology, and they've been running it since six months and after three months already they told us that they saw 70% of the kids having significant improvements and the other 30% percent improvements which is also quite significant. The autistic kids don't know what's going on, they're being treated with this. It’s heartwarming to see, because the kids usually don't speak and in all of the cases they saw improvement in speech, they saw improvement in bowel movement and attention span so I'm telling you all this because it has a very wide range of effects and we're still discovering more and more every day.”

“Optimize your healing and performance with LeelaQ Tech practitioner quality, energy tuning protocols. Our effective, evidence-backed products are designed to be used at home and fit perfectly into your modern lifestyle.”

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Based on the lecture by Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling