Nutrition, Supplements, Diets, Fasting for your Healthier and Longer Life

Ella Davar, Registered dietitian, integrative nutritionist, certified health coach, and speaker, became a Moderator of the Panel Discussion on "Nutrition, Supplements, Diets, Fasting for your Healthier and Longer Life" at BiohackingCongress in Miami. Ella with a passion for helping driven women streamline their wellness routine and accomplish a healthy balance in life with self-care.

“I'm going to open up this Panel today with an introduction. Please introduce yourself, tell us what you do, why don't you tell us, your top three favorite supplements that you're taking right now” - Ella addressed everyone.

"I’m Ben Azadi, and I'm the author of three best-selling books, The Perfect Health Booklet, The Intermittent Fasting Cheat Sheet, and The Power of Sleep and Founder of Keto Kamp. My three favorite supplements are upgraded formula supplements I would say magnesium and there are different types, but magnesium since most people are deficient in a vitamin D complex so all the phyto fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K together so a fat-soluble complex.  The third one I would say  I do like the idea of that dihydroburbrant so if you're going to have a high carb day or keto flex day I'll throw that into the mix.” - started Ben Azadi, CEO, and Founder, KetoKamp.


“My name is Alex Muresan. I am the Founder of Forward.  I was born and raised in Romania and most of my life I spent in the activity part of biohacking.  Unlike most other biohackers here I never had any health issues or obesity or anything like that,  I just chose to get into a field where I can help people just get a little bit better and live a little bit longer.  My top three supplements right now, obviously the supplement that we launched with called Fast Forward which is a blend of electrolytes amino acids reishi, and brown seaweed extract love that drink it every day, then not really a supplement but I feel like it's important because I also drink this every day as bulletproof coffee which doesn't delicious. The third one is a neutral foal I wanted to grow my hair. I've never had long hair and I had really thin hair so I started taking nutrition and I feel like even though it's dyed and bleached it's still getting a lot thicker so that those are my top three.”  - tell us Alex Muresan, Founder, Forward & Incubate Love

“I'm Barton Scott, CEO, Biochemist and Researcher, Upgraded Formulas. Upgraded Formulas is really my love letter to the world around mineral deficiencies and what to do about it.  I spent the last nine years going deep in that area teaching our nutritionist.  So we have a process that we put people through and we figure out what you're missing and then we give you supplements that really absorb the answers to these deficiencies. That is my passion. Magnesium is definitely my number one it was one of the things I was taking in for over a year and a half and not absorbing well it's so critical for everything and if that's off it I quit lit every other biohack here does not matter if you have low levels of that. The other thing I would say is not really a supplement, it would be enough sodium if your sodium levels are off  your health will not be what you want. So for that reason, I'd say those are my top three potassium as well as super key and about two percent of people get enough of that so it's pretty important.” - answers Barton Scott, CEO, Biochemist and Researcher, Upgraded Formulas.

“I'm Frank Llosa, CEO, Ketoneaid we make ketone ester exogenous ketones and what it does is mimics the benefit of a five-day fast, but in 20 minutes.  But it does not burn fat for you so just want to make it clear, it's not real ketosis. Can be defined in two ways one is ketones in your blood and the other way can be defined as ketones being created by burning fat.  People when they hear "ketosis," think that it's burning fat you're just sitting on the couch, and look you're burning fat it does not.  People try to buy it for weight loss and I say do not buy it for weight loss, don't buy any supplements for weight loss. My top three supplements I use Barton's magnesium (Barton Scott, CEO, Biochemist and Researcher, Upgraded Formulas) and then super cheap niacin, not the expensive stuff, just super cheap nice, and get a little flush in the face. I do pink Himalayan sea salts and super cheap capsules. I just got the amazon pink Himalayan sea salts and those are my three.” - said Frank Llosa, CEO, Ketoneaid. 

“I’m Victor Sagalovsky, Co-Founder and CEO, Lightwater Scientific the first and only super deuterium-depleted light water, where I have dedicated myself to the research, development, and production of this rare water. I have researched and studied the benefits of deuterium-depleted water through my theory entitled Endogenous Radiation Damage Theory of Aging. It proposes that our biggest obstacle to longevity is the excess deuterium and other damaging isotopes on the planet and proper mitigation will radically extend our lifespans.” - Victor Sagalovsky concluded.

“Let's dive deeper into the first announced topic of nutrition and diet. It seems that all of the dietary approaches whether it's vegan, keto, paleo agree that low carbohydrate intake is the most beneficial for all things: weight loss, energy levels, and metabolic health. What advice do you have to someone who is trying to eat a balanced diet and get all of their nourishment and nutrients from their food and is that even possible nowadays? I think Barton could start.” - Ella continued the discussion.

“What is your food really when you think about it, what is it?  It's a combination of elements and to the extent that we have those elements that are awesome, but what if our stomach acid is low what happens then, what happens if the soil was motocross? I think that one way or another you have to figure out what elements you're certainly low in and also what's your high end too.  You have too much calcium buildup you're going to be stiff,  it's going to be yoga is not going to be fun, life is not going to be fun that's just because calcium,  just that one mineral being off.” - tell us, Barton Scott.

“I have a thought that I'm actually two of the three things that you listed. I'm keto and vegan, and some people think that they are the opposite and that it's impossible.  It's very possible, I've been five or six years keto but I like to tell people what do people who eat raw vegan have in common with carnivores because sometimes both of them swear that it saved them. Eat less processed food and everything else falls in place to eat whole foods.”  - noticed Frank Llosa.

“For sure you are what you eat. But you also are what you can absorb right.  So you have to have the gut diversity of the HCL.  For example, if you're eating a piece of meat even if it's like 100 grass-fed which is what we want but it's like sitting in your gut,  that could signify you have low HCL you might want to take some HCL that's a clue right there those who start doing keto.  This is common you eat more fat well the liver which produces bile needs to break down the fat and the liver that we've treated her wrong with medication and alcohol and all of a sudden this beautiful liver is producing this thick sluggish bile and then you do keto and you feel not good you can't absorb the fat and you're saying keto didn't work for me.  You need more bitters for the liver, you need bile supplementation so these are like clues but I think it's very important because you could be eating the best food and even though the soil quality is not the same are you absorbing it.” - answered Ben Azadi.

“Any diet won't work if your water is harmful. Water, the most essential and revered nutrient for life, also conceals a little recognized harmful toxin, known as deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen. It's a natural contaminant. Even the most knowledgeable health medical professional is just discovering this serious, but little recognized health risk, it's been overlooked. Unfortunately, it's been overlooked in our biology and so my job in this field of science called 'Deuteronomic' is to make people understand how important this phenomenon is. The problem is that deuterium damages the mitochondrial ATP mechanisms. Heavy water is an inhibitor, a decelerator, a reducer of biochemical reactions. It slows things down, the removal of it or the reduction of it speeds things up. It's very simple. ” - Victor Sagalovsky, Co-Founder and Ceo, Lightwater Scientific.

“We touched on so many things so now that we've mastered food and dietary restrictions let's go into time restrictions.  I'm sure you all heard of time restrictive eating aka fasting. Let's dive in so why don't you share maybe some of your favorite products, maybe some of your personal stories about fasting, and some of your perspectives on that for our viewers who are maybe just trying to get to know the fasting for themselves.” - Ella asked our speakers.


“People often use caffeine to help their fast. I'm anti-caffeine, I don't think caffeine is healthy, but they use that to help them extend their fast. People do use ketone esters to extend their fast so you can skip meals just taking a tiny amount skip meals my cousin said "oh I'm completely fine in the morning but once I have lunch I'm crashed out for the rest of the day" and I was like well "do you eat breakfast?",  "no I don't". He now skips lunch and now he has the entire day to go forward,  so another thing with fasting is to change the narrative.  People like to think “I need to listen to my body, so it's grumbling so I need to give it food”. Change the narrative. It's grumbling you are now starting to burn fat, it's actually now starting to work. So the moment that it's starting to work you're going to put food in your mouth. You can listen to your body but change what you think.  It's saying you got the wrong language so grumbling is a good sign that it really is starting to make ketones.” - said Frank LLosa, CEO, Ketoneaid.

“I'm one of the people that drink the coffee so I do the bulletproof fast and then I add my supplements so if you look at it from a pure fasting perspective like what fasting should be even with just water, maybe water, and some salts it's wrong. I'm not getting any of the benefits. I wake up in the morning, I drink a lot of water and then I have my coffee and I do four hours of uninterrupted work without thinking about paleo pancakes and like that nice cappuccino and whatever and enjoy it and get some sun and read a book. I love that I did it. I started doing it about a year and a half or two years ago for that reason because my most productive time of the day was the morning. And I also enjoyed making a lavish breakfast and like enjoying it and really like basking in that I love doing simply just water fast as well. I'm not saying there's one right, one wrong but I love doing water fast for 24 - 48 hours. So often I'm in a country where I really want to enjoy a cappuccino and a croissant and I do and I'm not going to blame myself for it. It's okay to do that every so often as long as you can get back into your routine that makes you feel good.” - said Alexandru Muresan.

“I love fasting. I think it's such a great tool. It's been around forever you have to know your hermetic ceiling we talked about earlier. If you had a poor night of sleep, got mental-emotional stress at work, and a demanding relationship it's probably not a good time to fast. But if you have a lot of things under control, a tremendous tool I shared is that quote from Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried to prevent cancer by 95 % seven-day water fast once per year. He has actually seen tumors shrink before his eyes, when they hit this max autophagy ratio. I think a good protocol as a preventative measure is a block fast three or five days three to five days once per year.” - said Ben Azadi.

“The Keto diet is a strategy for deteriorated depletion. Why? Because fats have less deuterium than carbohydrates and also for every 2.4 pounds of fat you produce one liter of deuterium depleted water. Because those fats are already depleted and this is why you should do this. This is why you should be more keto or keto-adapted or focus more on your diet from fats.  Because one ketone body will produce 104 molecules of ATP whereas one glucose molecule will produce 34 molecules of ATP. That's if you want to know why you want to go keto.” - tell us Victor Sagalovsky.

“I would say that that's really important for me on a day-to-day thing and intermittent fasting, all the things everyone said here is but also not eating after about 7:30 or 8 p.m. You end your day with no more you know eating after about sunset. Then a lot of things like inflammation markers are going to get a lot better too. So you'll be happier, you'll sleep better,  it's all a virtuous cycle.” - noticed Barton Scott.

“You shared your top three supplements and in my practice as a dietitian, I noticed there are like two types of people: there's those who don't like to take supplements and those who take supplements like a festival. They take everything that they hear from hackers, they just want it all right. So when it comes to what we know about supplement industries that it's unregulated right anyone can come up with a supplement line, marketing plan, promote it and sell it so what advice recommendations or your opinion that you have on consumers and listeners those who are trying to find the most essential nourishment nutrients from the supplement of the best and purest quality.” - asked Ella.

“I did a video on my TickTock four healthy supplements to stop taking right and it did well. It's these four and here are the reasons why I think there are problems with this. Number one I said vitamin D, is my favorite right. But vitamin D complex so just taking the vitamin D alone, especially at high doses without the K, the A, the E creates a functional deficiency because all of those fat-soluble vitamins actually compete for the same receptor sites so doing that for an extended period of time creates a deficiency with the other one.  Taking a vitamin D without the other fats so I need to get some sleep fat-soluble vitamins then you could either have your vitamin D with the meal or just buy a fat-soluble one. Number two is the same probiotic will create monocultures in the gut so mix your probiotic brands and strains. Don't drink the same kombucha over and over. Eat some prebiotic foods. Number three is the fish oil. Number four is a synthetic multivitamin. You need to look for folic acid, make sure it doesn't have that which could be tough in the liver and get something that has a natural source like folate. Those are four things that I would keep an eye on.”   - Ben Azadi, CEO and Founder, KetoneAid.

“We have the same philosophy in the Forward. I don't want to create a thousand supplements. I'm probably taking three to four supplements right now. I go between taking none for a little bit just to reset to maybe taking or experimenting for future formulation.  I'm developing a product with nine organic mushrooms in it. So I've taken each mushroom individually for a certain amount of time to see how I feel from that, so I test with it. “ - noticed  Alex Muresan.

“Before we move on to a different topic I want to finish up with the supplements and deficiencies. How do you address deficiencies, specifically testing. I really like how you pointed that out, what testing do you do for your clients for your supplement recommendations like what do you like to recommend and what do you think is important nowadays?“ - asked Ella Davar.


“The goal is to drink deuterium depleted water, practice a lifestyle that's more keto-adapted so you can reduce the deuterium levels to where they're more manageable, so you can increase your lifespan and your healthspan. We test it, we have our own lab, it's and we use a very complex piece of equipment, so you can test yourself, you can test your saliva and we do that. You can get a baseline and then you could later you can see if deuterium depletion is working for you. So after a month to three months, you get to that range where you want to be and you stay there because it feels good, so that is why deuterium depletion may be the most important health and medical discovery of our time.” - said Victor Sagalovsky.

“If I had not started testing my hair for the things I was missing I literally was doing everything else when minerals are the most important thing. We look at heavy metals, we look at their ratios.   For example, after 30-32 days you won't see lead in the blood anymore, it's gone, but you'll still see it in the hair. When we talk about doing a detox too we should instead of doing our favorite celebrity green juice detox we should be thinking about what is it specifically that Claudia or Matt needs to be releasing right now so bio-individuality and timing so knowing that you have heavy metals if you've had amalgams or you've just maybe had cadmium because you've been around a lot of brake dust in an industrial environment or something or you've been around something where you have a lot of aluminum. I love hair testing if you can find someone that can give you a good analysis of it because it's not just about reading it straight away as it is, there's a lot of things to keep in mind and it's very easy to use.” - shared Barton Scott.

“I think it's really important for people that are doing this fasting to get a blood ketone meter now.  You don't have to obsess and test two to three times a day. You can test maybe once a week or once a month. Just see that 14 hours getting me just 0.5 0.7 just getting me something with just a little bit of ketones in your system will make a huge difference.” - added Frank LLosa.

“Another test you can do is because you could be taking even the best supplements in the world but if you have a lot of cellular membrane inflammation and those receptor sites are inflamed it's going to be hard to feel like you want to feel.  So there's a test called meta-oxy which is a urine test that's 50 times more accurate than any blood test looking at cell membrane inflammation. I also like the MRT test for  foods, that's another one - organic acid test,  that's another - deuterium test.”  - added Ben Azadi.

Let's talk about hydration. Quality of water, hydrogen water, deteriorating depleted water.”  - suggested Ella.

“I was traveling to Central South America and Europe and I was buying water because most places you can't drink tap water and I started realizing that everywhere besides the United States the main brands of water have some salt, some minerals.  If you don't have your salts and your minerals inside of your body you're just drinking and that's it not retaining it's not being used for what it can be used and what you need it for”- said Alex Muresan.

“So I definitely think about salts, minerals, electrolytes, whatever formula you choose you need before you put the water in.  So a general rule of thumb that I teach to my students is to drink when you're thirsty when you drink make sure it's high-quality water like deuterium depleted water or a natural spring source”  - added Ben Azadi.

BiohackingCongress's Team is very grateful to all participants of the genuinely and educative Panel Discussion for joining our biohacking conference and giving an incredible speech. 

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Based on the Panel Discussion with Ella Davar, RD, CDN, Barton Scott, Alex Muresan, Frank LLosa, Ben Azadi





Authors: Julia Smila , Olga Chern