Stack Your Hack!

“I am an infrared specialist. I've been practicing energy medicine for more than 25 years. Our company was born on the back of me being a researcher. I practiced it. I studied allopathic medicine as a track when I was younger and I'm a naturopath now and a Chief Science Officer of our company. We make FDA-listed medical devices that basically capture a full spectrum infrared. 

We can't really fix the planet. It's hard for us to even consider fixing the environment. But there are some things that we do have control over and that's really what I want you all to do to make the best of it. How does the environment affect our genetics, what's called epigenetics, and then the emotional piece?  I can't really heal you unless we manage the emotional part of it also and it's not necessarily your own emotions but it could be the family around you or the people that you surround yourself with and the impact of their emotions on you.”

What’s Broken and  Is the Fix Simple?

The Planet / Nature - The Environment - Your Genetics - Emotional

“In the world, we're living in now, particularly in the allopathic approach like the MD approach, everything is sort of compartmentalized. I've always taken the view sort of as a naturopath that we have a relationship with nature and we are not just broken up into all little parts. There's sort of a system going on and each system in our body is reliant on the other. So if your brain isn't operating or your heart isn't operating right then it affects your gut. If your gut's not operating right it affects your brain. We're just learning more published science on the relationships between the heart and the gut and the gut and the brain and it's not just one isolated scenario it's really a system.”

Systemac Approach:

- The Dangers in Compartmentalization
- How are things connected?
- What’s the relationship between the hacks and the way your body interprets them?
- Back to Basics – Primal Healing

“Epigenetics are the things that we can control a little bit. Air, Water, Sun Light, Food, Exogenous Electrical Frequencies. Frequencies are basically electromagnetic fields that are extremely low frequencies; these are man-made frequencies and they basically oscillate at a much higher level than our body's frequency. So when our bodies are immersed in those environments, we started with 3g 4g now at 5g the governments are using 7g, 10g to communicate and we are bombarded with those frequencies. There's a doctor that's part of my medical mastermind named Dietrich Klinghardt and he did a blood study a few years ago, where he actually analyzed the blood from people from the Pacific Northwest and also he took people from the city and he took people from the rural areas. All basically eating the same food, drinking the same water, and breathing the same air but the microorganisms and the number of mycotoxins in the patients that came from the cities were 80 to 100 times greater than in the rural areas. As an infrared specialist, I've come up with different protocols and different hacks. The hacks are going to be revolving around using infrared technology because we're considered one of the experts in that area.”

The Truth about InfraRed

“The relationship between the sun and the earth that's called the azimuth and as the earth turns that relationship shifts a little bit. In the early part of the morning you see the gamma x-ray and then when the UV spectrum is the most present, the earth is turning UV starts to weigh out, and then the infrared spectrum starts to come in. What's important about that? Is that 8 000 to 10 000 years ago when our ancestors basically lived in caves on the land they were way overexposed to sunlight UV light. In nature, really interesting things happen. There's a balance. Whatever damage might occur from the UV spectrum, you're going to get healed from the infrared spectrum. Infrared is considered the most healing aspect of all light energy. It represents 82 % of the heating of the Earth's planet.”

Stack Your Hacks with InfraRed. Deep Bio Science On Infrared:

- Potentiates Nutritional Upload
- Enhances Metabolism
- Improves Blood Oxygenation
- Heat Shock Proteins
- Redox Signaling Molecules
- Protein Folding
- H2O Restructuring

InfraRed Applied Health Applications
- Total Body Detox 
- Environmental Toxins  
- Heavy Metals  
- Organ Detox
- Organic Castor Oil Pack
- Bentonite Clay - Mud Packing
- Relieves Chronic Pain 
- Improves Circulation
- Helps Relax & De-stress
- Weight Loss
- Hyperthermia – Raising Core Temperature
- Physical Therapy – Range of Motion
- Sports Injury and Workout Recovery – Optimal Health
- Wound Care – Scar and Wrinkle Rejuvenation
- Cellulite Reduction
- Collagen Production – Anti Aging
- Nutritional Uptake- Re-climatize the Tissue
- Restructure – Body H2O -  Better Cellular Function
- Adjust the PH -Drive the Body  ---->  Alkaline

Hack Your Way To Optimal Health!

“One hack will be to change your routine and just keep tricking your body. 

My vision about five years ago was: let's have you in a sauna for 30 minutes and what other biohacks could I introduce into that experience to prolong or extend your wellness plan and profile and can biohack your body, biohack your health, and I started to develop.

- Sun Energy
- Oxygen
- Singlet Oxygen Energy. Energized Forest Air
- H2O
- Negative Ions
- Nutrition
- Aroma -Therapy
- NIR &  Nitric Oxide
- Reflexology
- Binders. It's like a bio sponge. There are two classes:  the macro and the nanosponge and what they do  is basically soak up your toxins.
- Mineralize
- Gem Stones
- Castor Oil
- Mud Packing
- Meditation
- Harmonize. Block & Shield from Exogenous Frequencies
- Self Health = LOVE

What you think is what you say and what you say is your reality

To dial up your reality you have to Consciously & Concretely change your narrative

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Based on the lecture by  Rob Besner





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