Take Control of Your Health

“I was riding my motorcycle and all of a sudden the engine just quit on me, so I made it to a dealer and the mechanic. He finally came out and he said: “Sir, we've just got your problem, we have the parts in stock and we can have the bike back to you by tomorrow”.  Well that was great with me, but notice he said “diagnosis” that's the same term doctors use for people.  All the bikers and I love our motorcycles, but we know they're not people so why does standard medicine treat human beings a lot like we treat our vehicles, what's called reductionism. Now that's a paradigm of care that's based in diagnosis and treatment basically focusing on one problem, one part and for the most part one fix.  I've been observing this evolution of medicine since 1999. I went to work in a Wellness Center in Southern California, where the patients and people coming in there had unresolved health complaints, but they were seeking something different. I observed that alternative medicine became “complementary”.  Complementary medicine became integrative and thankfully today. We have functional medicine now that does look a little bit further upstream for causal factors rather than just treating the symptoms right  yet still in many ways functional medicine practitioners are not meeting all of their patients' needs, because they're bound mentally and financially to that same paradigm of care it's diagnosis and treatment .”

“Let me tell you, when you do that you leave a lot of healing opportunities on the table.  The moment you lay down a diagnosis, you're likely ignoring a dozen other things that person needs to work on to get completely healthy and they know it. So I believe the future of healthcare and health services will be dictated by that public that is still seeking something different and that true success will lie in providing an intelligent pathway for that person to heal, their entire body, every cell, every tissue, every organ and system the entire organism simultaneously. If you have clients or patients and they're going from  one doctor to the next, one program to the next, technology to the next, they're frustrated and caught in this cycle. they're never really reaching the goals that they came in for. Then likely that practitioner is still diagnosing and treating what they find very specifically or they're chasing what's on that person's reimbursement schedule.”

“22 years ago when I started in that clinic, I wanted to help people  but I could not diagnose or treat anything specifically, I couldn't write a prescription for something to get the numbers on the paper to change. I had to gather more intel. I had to dig much, much deeper, go much  farther upstream looking for multiple healing opportunities , sort out the interactions between them, and only then lay down a pathway for that person to self-treat their entire being. So I ran thousands of labs on thousands of people, and I had great mentorship, but I made my own observations about who got better and who didn',t and that's when I first conceived of this intelligent pathway that would allow and it facilitated a person having a beneficial effect in other words healing every cell, biohacking body, tissue organ and system in their body at once with all natural preferably drug-free protocols so if you understand what I'm talking about and you see the need for the people and for the practitioner. If you understand what I'm talking about and you see the need for the people and for the practitioner,  then I'm gonna invite you to join me in a party that's about to explode right.”

“It does seem like it's getting harder and harder for some people to get well and I don't think it needs to be that way.  I think that last year a lot of people went out of business. Whatever it was wasn't a good year for a lot of people and what they lost and what we still stand the chance of losing. Is our freedom of speech of practicing the way we want of saying things to clients and teaching people who want to teach them.  I started thinking about freedom. I do this on my motorcycle a lot,  driving through the hills of Southern California and out in the desert and stuff I think about freedom and how lucky I am to be out there, yet people back in my clinic were totally lost, they had no freedom, they were bound to the standard of care that someone else was shoving down their throats."

The 5 Freedoms:
- Health freedom 
- Emotional Freedom
- Geographical Freedom
- Time Freedom
- Financial Freedom

“I just wanted to go over freedom here a little bit with you. There's health freedom, but we're all in the business of helping others. you're in the business to help other people but your own health might suffer from that if you're not watching out. Now another thing is emotional freedom that comes from job satisfaction from knowing that you're out there doing some good in the world and that's worth pursuing. That's one of my five favorite  freedoms  - geographical is another one. Physicians feel this because most of the time they have to see the person personally before they can do telemedicine. They got to take the vitals and all that stuff but with the kind of system that we use you can practice this from anywhere in the world. Of course financial freedom means a lot of different things to different people. It's knowing that my bills will always be paid and I'll be able to spend time with the people I love and enjoy that time.

My Promise to You:
- Simple and Unifying
- Creates Freedom 
- Thousands Helped

Since 2008 when I started teaching after practicing for about 10 years in the clinic, I started teaching, because I knew I could reach more people and help more people that way. So that's a bit but we're going to go over here that's me several years ago. I'm out in the desert which looks kind of barren but it's actually a very diverse and dynamic  ecological area. That's about 20 minutes from my house, and so I'm in the clinic and I'd come out of environmental law and  save the planet, birds, bees, air, water, trees and I started noticing the environments really bad on these things. I started thinking about people. All these people back at the office their lives suck because they don't have these freedoms.  What I noticed is they've been going from practitioner to practitioner, some have been to five or eight or ten different doctors, or other healers of some sort and they weren't better yet. I'd never been to a doctor except for a sports injury or dental work, I didn't know what the system was like and when they told me “I'd been to five or eight or ten different people and weren't better yet”,  I said that's a ripoff, you're getting ripped off. How can you know that, having studied law , it seemed criminal that the system was the way it was going to all these different people? What I called that at the time was the cycle of trial and error, you're trying one thing, you try another. There's a lot of things here you could try and you might get lucky and it could work for you, but I wanted something better.”

What is the cycle-of-trial-and-error?

“Basically cycle trial and error I noticed people had been to a doctor and “here's a chill pill” or you get abnormal test results and again it's here's something to treat the paper,  if they don't want to take drugs and end up in the surgery room, well you go on to the next program. It could be the next diet. It could be the next product. It could be the next therapy that you try and that's what the cycle is and again. I know this only from experience that  people coming into the office weren't trying everything, not filling the needs  and not even filling their own needs.”

What is Metabolic Chaos?

“Little did I know that when I coined this phrase it would become the paradigm of future health care and the single most successful system that leads to health for anyone, anywhere, and would be adopted by physicians as well as health coaches. Not only that, but it's what the enlightened customer is now demanding!  So, what is Metabolic Chaos?  Metabolic Chaos is a state where hidden stressors have caused malfunction, but the symptoms appear so far downstream it's impossible to predict the root cause.  But predicting the root cause is exactly what most practitioners do, it's kind of instinctive and for the most part, it's how we’ve been trained.  How many of you have used the phrase “it sounds like thyroid, it sounds like sibo or it sounds like a parasite? If it was that simple, everyone would just go to Professor Google, list their symptoms, see what test to run and then they wouldn’t need doctors or health coaches either, we’d be out of business.  A clue to Metabolic Chaos is when intervention based on that traditionally reliable cluster of symptoms and even the abnormal test results produce only a marginal therapeutic response.  In other words, that client remains in the cycle of trial and error. 

This paradigm not only allows the health coach to safely and ethically work with anyone, on any problem, anywhere.  It also allows the licensed physician to do the same and break the bonds of geographical limitations.  You can do the same thing as health coaches and call it whatever you like.  Telemedicine, Health Consulting, Health Advisor, etc….”

“No matter who comes to you, you have only one concern: Metabolic Chaos  and, when you treat it as such, following the proper steps, you will be doing more good for that person than any other system, including what most medical systems do, except in the areas of emergencies or when the downward spiral is so contracted that the observations we make cannot be capitalized on.  

The medical system has no way of treating Metabolic Chaos because it is bound to a diagnosis and treatment algorithm that requires one to ignore other things that need healing.”

3 Easy Steps to Resolving Metabolic Chaos®:

- Assess HIDDEN underlying conditions and contributors to Metabolic Chaos®
- Customize a D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Program
- Run the Program. 



Step 1: Identify Healing Opportunities

“The patterns I recognized after running thousands of labs on thousands of people is now widely known as the FDN investigation into HIDDEN (H.I.D.D.E.N.) stressors and dysfunction, and it's been serving our graduates and their clients for many years.  I found that no matter what the client's main complaints were, when it comes to chronic, stress-related conditions, identifying healing opportunities within the Hormone, Immune, Digestion and Detoxification systems, got tremendous results.  After another thousand cases or so and learning how to individualize the best diet for everyone, I learned to add Energy Production and Autonomic Nervous system balance, and our batting average soared even higher!  

There are many ways to skin a cat, and many of you already know a thing or two about lab testing.  And there are new labs being developed as we speak.  But no matter what labs you use, and herein lies the trick, you must identify enough of a constellation of healing opportunities and imbalances within these areas in order to develop an effective protocol or behavior program.   And that behavior program must be holistic and life changing enough to affect every cell, tissue organ and system.  

Then the protocol will follow naturally and organically from that, and the client will be able to self-treat every cell, tissue, organ and system involved.  In short, they will resolve the MC and return to normal healthy function in all these areas.  Balance and resiliency will return.  In my 22 years, I have found that these are the critical systems, and once restored, will resolve every chronic stress-related condition a client shows up with.”

Step 2. DRESS for Health Success Program

“Now that we’ve identified multiple healing opportunities.  Everyone already recommends diet, rest, exercise and so on, but guided by the lab data and other critical information about who that data belongs to, we can customize a program designed for every individual that will address their own critical healing opportunities, imbalances and areas that need improvement.  

In this way we don’t treat anything specifically but treat everything non-specifically, the entire organism improves.  We have found and shown using this now time-honored system that resolving Metabolic Chaos using these general principles of health building can and does outperform specific treatments.”

Step 3: Run the Program

“Once you investigate and identify the HIDDEN areas that need improvement and develop a corrective DRESS for Health Success® Program for each individual client, (the easy parts) the next step is to engage your clients in a coaching process that gets results.  When the client sees the lab data, and you do a good job of clinical correlation, meaning you show them on paper the underlying reasons they feel or look so crappy, they become highly motivated and encouraged and intrigued and excited to find out what’s next.  They almost always ask us, “how come no one else ever ran these labs or explained it to me this way?”  We just tell them, “That’s in the past.  Our best bet is to take advantage of this system and move forward in a positive way, OK?”  And they are usually chomping at the bit.  They are so excited to get the plan. And as we lay out an individual DRESS protocol, we know they are much more committed and compliant than they have ever been.   

Everyone is different, but most go through three phases of care
- Relief Phase
- Corrective Phase
- Maintenance Phase

Start with the client's weakest area, get them going, answer questions, guide course correction, provide honest feedback & accountability, then retest or possibly refer out for additional or emergent needs.”

“We identify healing opportunities and apply the general principles of health building to every cell, tissue, organ and system simultaneously.  That’s what will end the cycle of trial and error for your client and both your needs will be met!  What I know and hundreds of my graduates know is that when you are getting results, you get more referrals, and you get to recover a lot of the time you now spend on marketing - and devote that time to doing things for yourself and your family.”

“Our program provides the training, the technology and the logistics that allow you to take back control of your business and your life, to walk-the-talk and get yourself in better shape, to get better outcomes with clients and patients and feel amazing about doing more good in the world.  You can expand your reach and revenues beyond current borders, to get back the time freedom you need and the financial freedom that can only come from a reputation for getting results where others have failed. FDN is the reliable, repeatable, proven duplicatable model that I developed while working with thousands of people, and that I’ve been teaching since 2008.  FDN can stand alone or be the Perfect Complement® to what you are doing now.”

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Based on the lecture by Reed Davis, HHP, CNT, LEHP.



Authors: Julia Smila , Olga Chern