Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, the Missing Piece to Your Biohacking Puzzle

“What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?  Step-by-step process to investigate the underlying causes of disease by using comprehensive assessments and functional lab testing to identify healing opportunities in every cell, tissue, organ, and system of the body. 

FDN is the program that teaches you the process.  It’s a self-paced, online program that has no prerequisites for entry.  The program is 100% everything you need to get clear on the specific healing opportunities of your clients, bring more to the table, charge more for it and actually reduce or quite often reverse your client’s health concern.  ALL with drug-free protocols of

Diet Rest Exercise, Stress Reduction, and Supplementation.

I’m here to tell you that the biggest gap in vital health and longevity today is not in the technology used to measure it, but in identifying your client’s specific healing opportunities with functional labs and assessments to guide your protocol and THEN to use coaching and all the cool biohacking tools in the exhibit hall to stimulate, support, track and analyze your results. 

A new way of looking at health and longevity: instead of symptom care, we focus on corrective care and then maintenance care. Then using all of the wonderful tools you see in our exhibit halls today to monitor and measure progress.”

“There are a few teaching points I’d like to cover in this session:  Number 1 “Gathering better intelligence” or “intel” to sort out Metabolic Chaos® using detailed medical history, comprehensive assessments on lifestyle, adrenal stress causes and indicators, MC scorecard and functional lab testing.  2nd is how to assist the whole person by applying the principles of health building to every cell, organ, and system at once with our D.R.E.S.S. for a health success® program.  Number 3  - get better results with a coaching program based on neuroscience and a sustainable change model and then 4th device to track, measure and show results.  There are 5 freedoms to cover.  Finally, I recommend you stay with me until the end as I plan to go over the greatest opportunity of all, total emancipation and freedom in the health space, and how you can jump into a community of dedicated practitioners who are already committed and carrying out that mission.  It's as easy as 1,2,3 (even though we’re covering 5 areas)” 

What We’ll Cover :

  • Gathering Better Intelligence
  • Treating the whole person by applying the principles of health building to all areas simultaneously
  • How getting better results for your clients creates more freedom for you
  • Biotracking devices to measure, track and show results

“We work differently, gathering as much intel as possible. As I said, you can sort out a lot of Metabolic Chaos® with just a couple of at-home tests.  The kits can be sent to you wherever you live, and to any client in any state, and many other countries and they are not expensive to process. Once you have this intel along with the MC Scorecard and our other intake forms, you’re on your way to getting great results.”

How to Gather Better Intelligence.

Functional lab testing to identify malfunctions & healing opportunities within the:

  • Hormone
  • Immune
  • Digestion
  • Detoxification
  • Energy Production
  • Nervous System

“There are complexities and nuances one can study, but the basics are very simple, and I’d be very proud to teach you more about it.  But let’s get another possible concern out of the way. Many of you might feel excited that there are simple lab tests that you can use to help guide your client’s journey and get them better results in your office.  But you might also be thinking, “Where and how am I going to get all these people to invest extra money in me and the lab work?”  It starts by getting the proper training and doing the work on yourself and telling everybody how excited you are to be adding new services to your menu.  

There are only 3 ways to grow your income, no matter what kind of business you’re in.  1. Get more customers, 2. Raise your prices, and 3. Add more items to your menu or list of services - no matter what business you’re in!”

The Physiological Aspects of Metabolic Chaos®

Many of our practitioners print out the Physiological Aspects chart and have the client write in their scores.  The purpose of the MC Scorecard is to teach you and your clients that Metabolic Chaos® is the real culprit. Here a person came to us, and her main complaint was hormones, but we see from the MC Scorecard that there are a lot of other causal factors, and, in fact, hormones is not even the highest score.  Energy Production score is the highest and there are lots of points in other areas.  What does that tell you?  It tells you that contributors to Metabolic Chaos® can be very far removed from the person’s main complaint. And that we should stop guessing and start doing comprehensive testing, then help the client self-treat every area at once.   

“One of the most common questions I get is “Kim, I’m a nutritionist or health coach and I have no medical background, will I really be able to use these labs in my business?” The answer is yes! I’ve helped hundreds of health entrepreneurs just like you create waiting-list, referral-based health businesses that are high margin, low stress and can be run from anywhere there’s an internet connection.  Most practitioners can triple their income by adding some specialized services like lab testing to their game. “If you have questions about the practice laws of your state, please review the NANP Legislative Affairs Map, or speak with Laura Waldo, NANP Legislative Affairs Specialist.” Natl assoc of nutritional professionals

Blood, urine, stool and saliva labs, hair and other samples too as needed.”

HPA Hormone/Stress Profile

“Saliva - Hormone imbalances we might find aren't the real problem…they are the result of the problem. That’s why you have limited results..I could give you bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to augment the one that’s low and still not fix your problem of why it’s low and then wait for the next low one to appear and chase that one, do you see what I’m saying? You have hormone imbalances for a reason, let's treat the reason, not just the low hormone value on the paper.

Assesses hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis dysfunction, cortisol awakening response (CAR), adrenal dysregulation, circadian rhythm, sex hormone imbalances, immune system issues

  • Cortisol, DHEA 
  • Estrogens, Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • Melatonin

Provides snapshot of overall vital reserve, multiple healing opportunities, guides therapy, points to areas for deeper investigation, baseline to monitor changes.

Metabolic Wellness Profile

Assesses maldigestion, dysbiosis, oxidative stress, free radicals, poor detoxification, hepatic and biliary circulation issues

  • Indican
  • Lipid Peroxides
  • Urinary Bile Acid Sulfates

Identifies multiple healing opportunities, provides a direct measurement of liver congestion and deeper insights.

Intestinal Permeability Test

Assesses mucosal barrier function, nutrient assimilation, antigen penetration, villi integrity, hyper-permeability, dysbiosis

  • Lactulose
  • Mannitol
  • Lactulose/ Mannitol ratio

A healthy mucosal barrier protects the very sensitive inside of our bodies from the toxic outside world, critical healing opportunity

GI Pathogen Screening

Assess bacterial, parasitic & fungal overgrowth, infestation, pathology, dysbiosis

  • Stool Culture
  • Microscopy, Tri-chrome Stain
  • Stool Antigen testing
  • C. Diff Toxins
  • Occult Blood
  • H. pylori antigen

Identifies pathogens & biofilms that interfere with healthy function and prevent healing.

DRESS for Health Success® Program

A custom Plan just for you vs. a broad-brush blanket approach 

Diet - balanced for your ancestral type, proper ratios of proteins, fats, carbs; plus vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids, water, etc. – obviously minus your specific food sensitivities. We can connect you with affiliate programs for meal planning in our dining out apps that fit your specific diet protocol

Rest –allow the body & brain to rebuild, repair, restore and detoxify

Exercise – stimulate oxygenation, circulation, elimination of toxins, tone muscles, increase flexibility, cardio-pulmonary

Stress Reduction –  Identify/eliminate mental, physical and biochemical stressors, especially HIDDEN ones ID’d by labs

Supplementation – we don’t own a supplement company but we definitely know a few things about supplements: which ones are good and which ones are filled with fillers and chemicals that may actually do more harm than good.  We only use supplements for a few reasons: to support, to substitute, to stimulate something or self treat and avoid pain pills, so we recommend targeted supplementation  as needed and then pull it away when done so we aren’t just substituting supplements for your medication. Again, we have connections with supplement wholesalers of the highest reputation. 

Adopt DRESS Program

Everyone is different, but most go through three phases of care

  • Relief Phase
  • Corrective Phase
  • Maintenance Phase

“How getting better results for your clients creates more freedom for you. When we adopt a practice model built around the FDN process, clients get better results, and you can charge higher prices for your work while also working less.  I’ve seen many nutritionists go from making a few thousand dollars per month to well over $100K per year.  If you’re not making over $100K per year, then you’re doing something wrong!

Sometimes it may seem hard to get clients to do what you tell them at home between visits.  It's frustrating and draining. But through the process of Intelopathy® and using measurable lab data you can hold clients accountable in a new way and increase your compliance.”

BiohackingCongress Team is very grateful to Kimberly Jenkins-Boehm, FDN Practitioner with Functional Health Group,  for joining the BiohackingCongress and giving a life-changing lecture. 

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Based on the lecture by  Kimberly Jenkins-Boehm