How Health Coaching Will Expand Your Practice Income By Improving Outcomes

Do you want to see some good done in the world and receive all the rewards that go with it? Do you think you are already maxed out and doing all the good you can, and there are no more rewards you can achieve?  

“I’ve trained over 3,000 practitioners, and I always say that you need just two pre-requisites, you must enjoy helping others, and you must be willing to walk the talk. But I also learned over the last 22 years in this business that having good intentions, and even doing a lot of good, is not all you need to know,” Reed Davis says.

Reed Davis, HHP, CNT, LEHP is a Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN). Reed is a practitioner who struggled with how to do enough good, be confident enough in a patient's results, and charge not only what Mr. Davis needed to cover his bills but also to charge enough to truly live the dream life. 

Reed says that we all want to do a lot of good for every patient and not just reap but “heap” the rewards… But what do we mean by “good”? We’re talking about the “Greater Good,” being useful and helpful, contributing, having a purpose, reducing disease, increasing joy, being inclusive, providing for others, lowering risk, raising spirits, spreading bliss, and supporting everyone’s God-given right to the pursuit of health and happiness – including our own. 

What do we mean by reaping all the rewards?

Mastermind Mentor Sachin Patel, an FDN grad and FDN Advisory Board member, has helped identify 5 significant rewards or 5 freedoms we all seek - that you may not feel totally in control of. And we learned last year that we are not in control of our businesses, our personal lives, or even our freedoms unless we take that control and hold on to it.  

Health Freedom: We help others, and sometimes our health suffers. What you're going to see is a practice model where you get to work on your health, set an example for others to follow, and, and, and… you won't get burnt out. If you ever feel burned out, that's not healthy. 

Emotional Freedom: This means job satisfaction and personal fulfillment in what you are doing. Have you completed emotional confidence that you know precisely what to do with every client that will result in a happy advocative customer? There is nothing more emotionally rewarding than a happy customer! Or… who here is unhappy because you're spending too much time managing a disease or chasing symptoms at the whims of your clients? Or maybe your patients are NOT all getting the results you aimed for? You NEED more emotional freedom!

Geographical Freedom: Who here wants to work from anywhere in the world, to travel and enjoy themselves while you do good and get paid to do it? How would you like to work with clients no matter where they live, running your favorite labs tests and "distance teaching" them… even if they never came to your office first? Reed and FDN have been doing this for over 20 years!

Time Freedom: Have you ever thought of spending at least a couple of hours outside every day, playing with kids, or riding your bicycle, but you never get to do it? "I love working on my property, gardening, and driving my tractor. This is the way it goes for you when you have the right paradigms and methodology, and, hopefully, today we can prove to you that we and thousands of our grads have that system." Reed remarks.

Financial Freedom: While you love your work, you don't have to work like a dog all the time. Imagine that when your kid gets sick and you need to take care of business, or your child has a recital or ball game, or your spouse needs you to take a day off, or your parents need you for a week, you just freaking do it. Whatever you are saying no to right now, you can start saying yes to, with more and more regularity because you have to work. Financial freedom is not something that only the lucky big shots get to enjoy – you absolutely can too.  

“We all want to do good, and we know what that means. And now we know the rewards or freedoms that are supposed to go with it:  If I could show you how to 10X the amount of good you do and attain just one or two of these freedoms, it would be worth your attention today,” Reed underlines.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition provides a reliable, repeatable, proven, easily duplicated way that was developed while working with thousands of patients, and that has been taught to thousands of practitioners since 2008. 

"I ran thousands of more labs and started to recognize some patterns. No matter what the patient's complaints were, no matter what their previous diagnosis was, there are some hidden stressors and dysfunctions at the root of almost every chronic stress-related, downward spiraling disease process," Reed says.

This pattern is called Metabolic Chaos®. It is a state where hidden stressors have caused imbalances and malfunction, but it's impossible to predict the root cause. 

Reed continues - "Predicting the root cause is exactly what most practitioners do. It's intuitive, and for the most part, it's how we've been trained." A clue to Metabolic Chaos® is when intervention based on that traditionally reliable cluster of symptoms and even abnormal test results produce only a marginal therapeutic response. 

There are only three steps you need to know to resolve Metabolic Chaos®.

When you treat it, following the proper steps, you will be doing more good for that person than any other system, including the standard medical systems, except in the areas of emergencies. Or when the downward spiral is so contracted that the observations we make cannot be capitalized on.     

Step 1.  Identify healing opportunities and contributors to Metabolic Chaos®. Comprehensive investigation, including history taking and carefully chosen labs.

Step 2. Customize a D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Program. Individualized corrective holistic behavior protocols. 

Step 3. Run the Program - Health Coaching Process. Coach up function, coach down contributors to MC. Course correct as needed, clients “get better.” Causal factors are resolved (or vital voids are revealed).

“If you want to do more good and reap the rewards, here are some things I learned about filling the needs gap while running thousands of labs on thousands of people,” Reed says, “Standard Medicine and standard health coaching are not doing enough good. And a lot of us who are in it are getting burnt out and not reaping the rewards we deserve. The paradigm shifts you may have just experienced or reaffirmed can help you get and keep the rewards and freedoms you deserve.”

FDN program provides the training, the technology, and the logistics that allow everyone to take back control of their health, to feel excellent about doing more good in the world, to expand your reach and revenues beyond current borders, to get around the time you spend on things others can be doing for you and the income and financial freedom that can only come from a reputation for getting results where others have failed.   

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Based on the lecture by Reed Davis, HHP, CNT, LEHP.