Beauty, Biohacking and Health From the Inside Out

There is a lot of science and unique knowledge for higher performance in all areas of your life. BiohackingCongress brought together Top Experts in the health and beauty industries field to exchange their opinions, share their philosophy with us, and help us translate better health into a better appearance.

Jennifer Hanway,  Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Wellness Expert became a Moderator of the Panel Discussion on Beauty, Biohacking, and Health From the Inside Out at BiohackingCongress in Boston. Rooted in science and with over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Jennifer’s goal is to create an inspiring, positive, and rewarding experience for those seeking to better their lives through improved health.

The first question was to everyone: “Why do you think biohacking and beauty are coming together? Why do you think beauty is becoming part of the conversation around beauty is interesting and important to you?”  

“Beauty and biohacking to me have always been together and I'm surprised that it was never talked about before because in my community of biohacking women over 50  that's a big topic for us.  Our skin is wrinkling or sagging or our bodies are changing shape and we're not getting the same results as we used to. We're looking for the latest hack. What can we do to help this right as fast as possible so it makes perfect sense to be together.“ - Zora Benhamou started. 

“In general, we all have part of our egos. Somewhere we all care about some end goal,  for some people it could be their acid reflux, for some people it could be athletic performance, for other people it would be eventually how they are perceived by others, how young or vivacious or whatever. So for our goal as educators for health in general we just want to recognize where people's egos are located and entice them to lead a healthy lifestyle by positively feeding that ego.” - Amitay Eshel said

“I think that's a great point because when we're talking about beauty we might not be talking about specific aesthetics, we're talking about beauty as an energy and a vitality and that may come across in different ways and different people.” - noticed  Jennifer Hanway

The definition of beauty it's not just skin and hair. But if I did stick to the conventional view I think it's two parts as to why it's becoming more and more interesting in this space. One is because we're living longer, we are seeing wrinkles, we are seeing the things that we want to avoid, so the longer we live the longer we start thinking about biohacking for beauty. The second part is because we actually now have access to data. Right now some companies are looking at the skin microbiome. It's also the ability to test the actual skin and then say how it is, how it is like what's.” - Dasha Maximov continued 

If one of my clients just wants to look better on the outside I know that I create these changes on the inside so whilst there is this part of talking about beauty as energy and glow and vitality we all deserve to be able to put our best face forward, whatever that looks like and feels like for us so we've talked a lot about beauty. How do we create change with someone? Why is nutrition so important for the outward appearance of health? - asked  Jennifer Hanway

“There are many reasons why but it's not about a specific diet.  You could say I'm a nutritionist that's anti-diet but it's about finding out what foods make you feel good. So there are a lot of people out there with food sensitivities and it could potentially show on their skin. I feel it's very important to listen to your body and know what your body is saying as opposed to following all the fads out there.  We are all extremely unique and when you listen to your body usually you're gonna get a sign.  And maybe if you do that you'll be able to bring that back in and you won't have issues with your skin.” - Sandy Kruse said

“Zora I want to ask you about specific nutrition for women over the age of 50 and how that might change? We are talking about terms of energy and vitality and clear skin and healthy hair and all of that.” - Jennifer Hanway asked Zora

 “I would say that insulin resistance is a big problem when we reach older age. We just can't eat these highly processed foods or very high carbohydrate foods anymore, we just store them as fat and very often belly fat, and that's where we get this unexplained weight gain. Paying attention to the amount of sugar you take. Eating healthier foods and foods that are less starchy and you'd probably have a better feeling. If you've heard of advanced glycation end products which damage your skin, it causes wrinkles not only on the outside but it's doing the same damage on the inside. Paying attention to having less sugar - is probably my best advice for an older woman amateur.” - replied Zora Benhamou

I'm going to ask you about the effects of stress on our skin? Why does stress have such an impact on the skin and maybe some things that we can do to mitigate those effects? -  asked Jennifer Hanway

“We can break the effects of stress on our skin to probably many different levels, however, there are two that we are most familiar with.  The First would be the effects of stress on lymphatic drainage. Obviously, when we're stressed, when cortisol is expressed at a high level that impedes the fatty drainage. Our skin has to have the lymphatic system active because our skin is a barrier that deals with toxins constantly and consistently. The other side of stress is that when cortisol or gene general stress is expressed in the body our skin is the depletion of reservoirs of different types of nutrients that are consumed. In general, what I'm saying is to keep yourself away from stress, but also if you are subjecting yourself to stress make sure you're choosing to do that and do it consciously as well. ” - Amitay Eshel said

“If your cortisol is spiked, your body is telling you that you're not safe, you're constantly running away from a tiger getting glucose to your muscles so you can run away...what is happening?  The answer is - your skin is not important, your hair is not important, and your gut health is not really important. So the chronic stress it's that loop and if we have imbalances in those three we start to see issues in our skin and our hair.” - Dasha Maximov added

What are you doing from a holistic perspective? Is there something in your diet, is there a supplement, is there treatment, is there a product that you are loving right now for your own internal and external beauty regime?  - asked Jennifer Hanway

“First when we talk about sun damage and photopigmentation and in general the damage that's the sun, basically the way that it damages our DNA. There are a few things that we can do for that photobiomodulation and red light therapy. There's a bunch of Korean studies published that say it does help with preventing sun damage.” -   Amitay Eshel noticed

“I surf quite a bit and I'm not burnt to a crisp. It's because I  do use zinc oxide. If you do get out in the sun in the first morning hours the uva coats your skin, so it actually helps to protect you. If you do, then go out in the sun at noon and it's quite bright and burning so it will protect you. The other thing I would add is Gua sha. It's something that you can use as the tool to go kind of like scrape your face. If you have a red light panel you can do it in front of the red light panel.  I typically do it either in the morning or when I'm going to bed. It's kind of part of my routine to go to bed.   

Not to be on social media, not comparing herself to other people, but be tremendously happy at the moment right now. Beauty is living in the moment and just enjoying it as if you feel that sunshine. There are so many benefits of being in the moment and it's going to translate to that out of external beauty.” - Dasha Maximov

BiohackingCongress's Team is very grateful to all participants of the excellent and educative Panel Discussion for joining our Biohacking conference and giving an incredible speech. 

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Based on the Panel Discussion with  Sandy Kruse, Amitay Eshel, Zora Benhamou, and  Dasha Maximov, Jennifer Hanway