Biohacking for Health and Performance Optimization

There is a lot of science and unique knowledge behind the different systems for Health and Performance Optimizations. BiohackingCongress brought together Top Experts to exchange their opinions and share their philosophy with us.

Frank Elaridi, Co-Founder of Modern Nirvana, became a Moderator of the Panel Discussion on Biohacking for Health and Performance Optimization at BiohackingCongress in Silicon Valley. Frank, 4-time Emmy-Award-Winning Journalist, wanted a place to tell the stories that he couldn't tell on TV, so he created a YouTube channel focusing on spirituality and the best and latest treatments in health.

"I was in Costa Rica last week, and I had 10 million stem cells injected for the fourth time. It always shocks me how incredible I feel after I do it. There's a lot of interest around, especially in the biohacking world." - Frank noted. 

The first question was to Dr. Harry Adelson - Founder of Docere Clinics. The claim behind Docere Clinics is to take the pain without using surgery or medicine. They have the world's most comprehensive approach to stem cell therapy for pain.

"Dr. Adelson, tell us more about stem cells, specifically your incredibly targeted full-body makeover. What have you seen with longevity and performance optimization and people who have done stem cell full makeovers?" - Frank asked.

If you are afflicted with chronic pain, it robs your quality of life. I've been in practice for 20 years. I've heard over 10 000 people tell me their story. Some stories tell about a single negative event like a motor vehicle collision or falling off a ladder, or just a lifetime of being active that has destroyed people’s quality of life. It's heartbreaking to hear these stories.” 

If you look at the conventional options for treating chronic pain, you've got sort of drugs and steroid injections on one end of the spectrum. Then, on the other end, you have people who are candidates for surgery. And then, in the middle, you have a massive abyss of people who aren't candidates for either. Often, these people are helped with alternative medicine like chiropractic, acupuncture, but for some people, it works for a couple of days, but then it just no longer works.

An excellent chiropractor helps 90 percent of their patients. I want to help the other 10 percent. These people have changed their microscopic anatomy. Do you know what stem cell therapy does? It's the ultimate naturopathic modality because it's using the body's natural ability to heal itself. It launches a natural healing cascade, tricking the body into thinking it had a new injury, thereby launching a healing cascade restoring the microscopic tissue to health.

What’s so special about hemp and also why it's used not only as a healing benefit? Why do you incorporate it with Chinese herbs and how does that synergy work together?” - Frank Elaridi asked Chloe Weber, L.Ac - founder and CEO of Radical Roots Herbs. Her life’s work is all about businesses that enable common folks to achieve healthier daily lives. Chloe’s also known to enable and empower those around her to succeed.

“Hemp is a great plant. People have an endocannabinoid system that is a master regulatory system for our bodies, and that one-way acupuncture works through activating the endocannabinoid system. We have specific receptors throughout our body that regulate pain. Our neurochemicals regulate inflammation, and so hemp is just a beautiful way to control that system,” Chloe underlines. 

Chloe also mentioned: “A lot of people are running at an endocannabinoid deficiency state. We have endogenous cannabinoids that we make within our bodies. They are called anandamide and 2ag. We make endocannabinoids, and then when we're stressed out, we release these cannabinoids, and then they get broken down instead of being reused. As we are under a slightly increased amount of stress in our society, particularly in these times of uncertainty, we're running through our endocannabinoid stores. Then we cannot regulate our immune system, our body, and our brain the way that we usually should.  Supplements with CBD and Hemp medicine come as a great help here.”

Chloe founded Radical Roots while she was desperately searching for a remedy for her little son with a rare genetic disorder. “I love our products, so we really potentiate the actions with the Chinese herbs and use multiple herbs together to make it a safer, effective product.” - Chloe says.

Chloe has been studying Chinese medicine for ten years, and it's the only medical tradition passed down for centuries. In terms of Radical Roots' formulas, they look at their patterns differently. They look at the body's whole ecosystem instead of just looking at the symptoms. “When I wrote my formulas, I looked at specific ways. We have 400 different Chinese herbs and about 150 classical herbal formulas. We get very specific with our herbs, trying to make products that can be taken off of the shelf safely and that are going to be effective,” Chloe said.

What’s so special about kava, and why should we be taking it in terms of Longevity and Performance Optimization?” - Frank Elaridi asked Cameron George - researcher, writer, entrepreneur, and founder of TRU KAVA. This company strives to set the industry standard for quality, safety, and education around kava within the mass market. 

Kava is a plant-based stress-relieving nootropic drink. Traditionally it's made from the roots of a plant shrub called piper methysticum that grows in island chains in Polynesia, Vanuatu, and Fiji. It’s a good product for biohacking your body and biohacking your body.

The three main bullet points that people get from kava: 

1. Psychological medicine;

2. Stress-relieving nootropic;

3. Elevates the mind and helps to reprogram the mind over long-term use.

“The indigenous people have seen the benefits too. But relaxation and mental clarity induce the state called kava-zone -- relaxed centered focus, unlike what you get from stimulants. Though it puts you in a meditative state in the more subtle forms of the product that runs in the background, it's a very, very fantastic medicine as an alcohol alternative for connecting with people. It brings people together in a non-addictive and non-pathological way.” - Cameron mentioned.

Kava is a neuroprotective, tissue-protective; it's in part a protective substance and one that elevates mental performance.

Today, like no other time in the history of man, we're exposed to more toxicity from chemical toxins, obviously the glyphosates and the pesticides and hidden infections, mold, heavy metals, electromagnetic radiation. The EMF is a relatively new amount of toxicity increasing day by day as we're putting up 5G towers everywhere that's not at all tested to be biologically compatible, no matter what the claims are being made. There are at least some questions, but we know in studies that one of the primary mechanisms through which specific EMF frequencies can damage the body and overstress is through DNA damage and the upregulation of calcium channels. Electrochemical gradient fields affect the cell's ability to uptake certain minerals electrolytes, increasing calcium levels. It means that that leads to the production of free radicals in the cell, which can cause a lot of problems. 

Cameron highlighted: “Kava is a powerful sodium and calcium channel blocker, very similar to your mood stabilizers and your anticonvulsants. Kava is acting as a shield, and it could help prevent some of the damaging effects and its effects on GABA and COX-2. It hits on most of the neuro and tissue-protective pathways, and so it creates this buffer of stress to where stress bounces off of you.”

What are the benefits of autophagy? Also, that was a complete shock to me that men and women fast differently! Let's talk about those two things precisely.” Frank Elaridi asked Dr. Mindy Pelz - bestselling author, nutrition, and functional medicine expert who's spent over two decades helping thousands of people successfully reclaim their health. She is a recognized leader in the alternative health field and pioneer in the fasting movement, teaching the principles of a fasting lifestyle, diet variation, detox, ketobolic eating, hormones, and more. 

“When fasting became popular, everybody just jumped into it. Women started doing it, and then the more results they got, the more they did it. Then women noticed some bad events -- our hair started falling out, we started having heart palpitations, rashes, weight gain. The next wave was women's rejection of fasting, and that's not right at all. Women are hormonal beings. If we have a cycle, we are meant to fast with our cycle. My message is to get that out to women to understand that you can pair fast wherever you are in your time of life. Women shouldn't be left out of the fasting conversation, we just need more tools,” Dr. Mindy said. 

Additionally, Dr. Pelz underlined: “Our bodies are miraculous, we came with a self-detox system, and nobody ever taught us about it. When autophagy became popular, the whole world woke up because your body heals when you don't have food in your body. You can take the most dubious person and take food away; the body will do the wisdom. The body tapped into what it needed to do to heal.”

Autophagy is turning within the cells that have viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. It has broken mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum, and the membranes are all messed up. Autophagy repairs this without any money, without any effort. It just does it on its own accord.

Autophagy is pre-programmed wisdom that we already have. We need to be tapping into that more than giving our power away to an outside source.

Can you tell us about your approach to underlying issues as “healing opportunities”? How do you look at that?” Frank Elaridi asked Reed Davis, HHP, CNT, LEHP, Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN). Mr. Davis is an expert in functional lab testing and holistic lifestyle medicine. 

“When I see a patient, I’m examining tests of their stool, blood, and saliva. We do an onboarding interview to make sure people are ready to make changes because we only want to work with successful people. People who have a chance of actually changing their behaviors. If they're suitable for the program, then we enroll them in our system, our methodology. The paradigms we put theology in the methodology. It's not just what you do; it's how you think,” Mr. Davis said.

If you get enough biological markers, you're identifying healing opportunities. No, it's not the same as a medical diagnosis or treatment plan because they can look at one marker "oh, that's too high or too low, let's change it," they can bring in an agent that might treat the paper.

Mr. Davis explained, “The idea of getting enough points, you're getting enough dots, and you can connect the dots, and when you relate that to a person, they go wow. How come no one ever else ran these labs or explained it to a person this way? I don't know the answer to that; I know that if you'll run the labs, there's no one lab matter. We have access to 82 labs. If you run five, you could identify enough of those points to connect the dots, and you're identifying a constellation.”

“If you're looking at one marker, people may say they specialize in the thyroid, so we're going to look at that; it sounds like thyroid anyway. Here you're looking at one star in the sky and saying what constellation is that, and there's no way to identify it with one star. We have some other markers that test the hormones, the immune system, digestion, detoxification, and another test that goes into the energy production and nervous system balance,” Mr. Davis continued.

When you have the constellation of data about a person, you can educate them on. Then our protocol which includes diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and supplementation, flows naturally.

“People, therefore, are going to be much more compliant. Instead of showing them a piece of paper and giving them a weird-sounding diagnosis, you go over the data, the dot, connect them, and they understand physiology. You don't interpret, you explain,” Reed Davis concluded.

BiohackingCongress's Team is very grateful to all participants of the genuinely excellent and educative Panel Discussion for joining our biohacking conference and giving an incredible speech. 

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Based on the Panel Discussion with Frank Elaridi, Harry Adelson, ND, Chloe Weber, L.Ac., Cameron George, Dr. Mindy Pelz, and Reed Davis, HHP, CNT, LEHP.