BiohackingCongress in Miami: Recap and Highlights

The BiohackingCongress held in Miami on October 20-22, 2023, was a transformative and life-changing event that brought together wellness enthusiasts, industry experts, and health entrepreneurs under one roof. The event's main focus was on scientific knowledge and optimization strategies that help build a strong foundation for good health. 

With over 30 speakers and 29 wellness companies present in the expo zone, participants had the opportunity to network with like-minded people, make new friends and learn from the best experts in the wellness industry.

The host of the BiohackingCongress, Colette Schnabel, Biohacking Mama, set the tone for the event with an opening speech that highlighted the importance of optimizing health through scientific methods and adopting a personalized approach to wellness

Day One: Unlocking the Secrets of Optimal Health

The day started with a dynamic opening by Mick Safron, Co-Founder, and CEO of the BiohackingCongress, who inspired attendees with his vision for the event. From there, the event featured a series of compelling lectures and discussions, including a deep dive into the world of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy with Dr. William Pawluk, and an exploration of holistic low-tox living through the senses with actress and holistic practitioner Megha Gupta.

Elizabeth Gaines, a course supervisor and lead instructor for the FDN Certification Course, challenged attendees to be the last practitioner they or their clients need to see. The day continued with insights into open-source health and perpetual health funds from Joshua James Bailey, Brain Health Evangelist, C-Suite Advisor and Strategist at BrainTap, and a thought-provoking keynote by applied scientist and physiologist Andrés Preschel, who explored the science behind optimizing life.

The power of mind over matter was highlighted by Dr. Lauren Leiva, owner and founder of The ExerScience Center, as she shared her journey from patient to provider. The day concluded with a panel discussion on potential biological age reversal, featuring Clayton Thomas, Cole Kirschner, Brian Burzynski, and Justin Roethlingshoefer, moderated by Alvey Thompson Jr., aka Mr. YouCan2.

Day 1 of BiohackingCongress Miami was a resounding success, leaving attendees inspired, enlightened, and eager for more. As the event continues, participants are gearing up for more groundbreaking insights and transformative experiences. 

Day Two: Exploring the Future of Wellness

Day Two of the BiohackingCongress Miami continued to push the boundaries of wellness optimization, offering attendees an immersive exploration of cutting-edge biohacking techniques and strategies. The day was filled with inspiring lectures, insightful discussions, and expert panels, all aimed at uncovering the secrets to a healthier, more vibrant life.

Dr. Maya Assi, a Functional Dentist, opened the day with a lecture on optimizing oral health and its profound impact on overall well-being. Attendees gained valuable insights into the connection between dental health and their holistic health journey.

Catharine Arnston, Founder, CEO, and Chief Scientific Officer of ENERGYbits, delved into the secret science of algae to achieve longevity and maintain mitochondrial health. Her presentation shed light on the pivotal role mitochondria play in our vitality and longevity.

For those seeking solutions to hair-related concerns, Dr. Alan Bauman, a board-certified Hair Restoration Physician at Bauman Medical, presented "BIOHACKING BALDNESS," offering strategies to enhance hair health and appearance.

Dr. Lara Varden, a Functional Genomics & Holistic Health Practitioner at The DNA Company, shared insights into personalized age reversal through genetic insights, emphasizing the power of personalized health approaches.

A panel discussion titled "Exploring Tools and Strategies for Longevity'' brought together wellness experts, including Catharine Arnston, Joshua James Bailey, Anthony Cirino, Sarah Turner, and Dr. William Pawluk, moderated by Dallas McClain, Co-founder and Editor-In-Chief of Biohackers Magazine and Co-Founder and CCO of Lifespanning Media. This discussion provided a deep dive into the tools and strategies for enhancing longevity.

Dave Korsunsky, Founder and CEO of HEADS UP, introduced The Biohacker’s Dashboard, offering attendees practical insights into tracking their biohacking efforts and optimizing their health journeys. Jean Fallacara, a serial entrepreneur, scientist, author, and athlete, shared his journey of mastering the art of endurance, inspiring attendees with his experiences and expertise.

Clayton Thomas, CEO, and Founder at The ROOT Brands, explored "Evolutionary Biohacking," revealing innovative approaches to enhancing human performance. Nima Farshid, a certified biofield instructor and Founder of Lightworkers App, introduced attendees to "Biofield Analysis and Kirlian Photography," providing a unique perspective on energy and health.

Alvaro Nuñez, an entrepreneur and best-selling author, wrapped up the day with his presentation on "Pushing Boundaries: Unleashing Human Potential Through Biohacking," encouraging attendees to explore the untapped potential within themselves.

The day concluded with a panel discussion titled "The Best Solutions for Health Optimization," featuring experts like Jeff Maier, Dr. Alan Bauman, Dr. Lara Varden, and Dr. Jason Sonners, moderated by Iman Hasan, a wellness influencer, and agency founder. This panel provided valuable insights into the most effective solutions for optimizing health.

Day Two of the BiohackingCongress Miami was a testament to the event's commitment to advancing wellness through science and innovation. Attendees left with a deeper understanding of the future of wellness and a renewed sense of empowerment to take control of their health journeys.

Day Three: Unlocking the Potential of Health Optimization

Day Three of the BiohackingCongress Miami event unfolded with a compelling exploration of advanced wellness strategies and profound insights into the boundless potential of human health. The day featured an impressive roster of speakers, panel discussions, and presentations that left attendees feeling empowered to take charge of their well-being.

Anthony Cirino, Head of Business Development North America at bioniq, commenced the day with a lecture on Global Nutrient Deficiencies. His talk emphasized the significance of adopting a personalized approach to health and wellness, shedding light on how tailored nutrition can optimize overall well-being.

Christian Drapeau, Founder and CEO at Stemregen, delivered an enlightening presentation on Tapping Into the Regenerative Power of Your Own Stem Cells. This exploration of stem cell therapy showcased the potential for regenerative medicine in enhancing overall health.

In a dynamic FireChat session, Dr. Daryl Gioffre, a renowned celebrity nutritionist and bestselling author, joined forces with Mick Safron to delve into "The Most Critical Factors That Are Destroying Your Gut." This engaging discussion offered valuable insights into gut health and its profound impact on one's holistic well-being.

Juliana Andreeva, a speech coach and Founder of Voice Bio-hacking, introduced the concept of Voice Biohacking, unveiling the fascinating realm of using voice as a tool for optimizing performance and well-being.

The day's keynote speech, delivered by Chaz Wolfson, CEO & Leading Trainer of BioHacktivity, was titled "The Brain Boost Formula." Attendees were captivated by his insights into enhancing cognitive performance and maximizing brain potential.

A panel discussion titled "Frequency Medicine to Unlocking the Potential of Wellness" featured expert panelists Dana Frost, Nima Farshid, Dr. Tas Ferreira, and Aleksandra Laskowska-Cohen, with Colette Schnabel, Biohacking Mama, moderating the discussion. The conversation delved into the emerging world of frequency medicine and its potential to unlock wellness.

Ben Azadi, Best Selling Author of Keto Flex, shared "3 Essential Health Bio-Hacks For MORE Energy & Less Inflammation." His presentation provided practical biohacking tips for attendees to boost energy levels and reduce inflammation. Chef Misha Hyman, Founder and CEO of The Health Warrior Project, explored "How to Biohack Your Brain, Gut, & Soul." His insights shed light on optimizing brain, gut, and overall well-being through nutrition and lifestyle choices.

The day culminated with a panel discussion on "Biohacking Your Mood and Health with Food." Panelists Misha Hyman, Ben Azadi, John Graham Harper, and Iman Hasan engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on the powerful impact of nutrition on mood and health, with Sandy Kruse serving as the moderator.

Day Three of BiohackingCongress Miami concluded, leaving attendees with a profound understanding of the potential for wellness optimization and equipping them with the tools to embark on their personalized health journeys. As the event came to a close, participants left with a renewed commitment to harnessing the power of science and innovation to achieve their health and wellness goals. 

BiohackingCongress Expo Zone: Health and Wellness Innovations

The BiohackingCongress Expo Zone, held in Miami from October 20-22, 2023, was a dynamic showcase of cutting-edge innovations in health, ecological products, and digital health technologies. With 29 carefully curated companies in attendance, the Expo Zone illuminated the future of health and wellness, unveiling revolutionary products and services designed to optimize physical and mental well-being.

ENERGYbits: Leading the charge for sustainable energy solutions, ENERGYbits presented a caffeine-free alternative. Their plant-based nutrition bits, made entirely from algae, offered attendees a natural energy boost while promoting overall well-being.

BrainTap: Pioneering the field of brain balancing, BrainTap's revolutionary technology caught the attention of Expo Zone visitors. Their platform provides tools to tap into personal greatness, train the brain, and enhance one's quality of life.

The ROOT Brands: Harnessing the power of nature, The ROOT Brands offered attendees a path to unlocking their true potential. Their innovative approach touched on the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit in achieving optimal well-being.

Bauman Medical: Taking a compassionate approach to hair loss treatment, Bauman Medical stood out with its unique methodology for restoring healthy hair and scalp. Expo-goers discovered a new perspective on addressing hair-related concerns.

The DNA Company: Breaking ground in personalized health, The DNA Company introduced the most comprehensive DNA test ever. Their health reports came complete with personalized recommendations, helping individuals mitigate health risks effectively.

Gaia Healers: Delving into the realm of energy and its impact on health, Gaia Healers provided individuals and organizations with insights into their physical, emotional, and mental well-being. They did so by analyzing patterns and colors in the energy field, shedding light on the profound connection between energy and health.

bioniq: Grounded in research and clinical evidence, bioniq unveiled its unique health support system. This system, driven by a state-of-the-art algorithm and a 50-parameter blood test, tailored supplement formulas to individual needs, offering bespoke health solutions.

The BiohackingCongress Expo Zone served as a vibrant platform for these innovative companies to showcase their groundbreaking products and services. Attendees left the Expo Zone with a deeper appreciation for the limitless possibilities in the world of health and wellness. As the event came to a close, the impact of these forward-thinking companies reverberated, inspiring individuals to embark on their personalized health and wellness journeys. Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from future BiohackingCongress events, where innovation continues to shape the future of well-being.

Partners of BiohackingCongress, Miami

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our partners who helped make the BiohackingCongress in Austin a huge success. Their support, dedication, and commitment to innovative and forward-thinking health solutions were instrumental in creating an exceptional experience for our attendees.

From impressive technologies to wellness products and revolutionary solutions, our partners contributed to a dynamic and diverse range of offerings. We are truly grateful for their participation and for sharing their expertise and knowledge with our community.

We would like to extend a special thank you to our partners including: ENERGYbitsBrainTap, Bauman Medical, The DNA Company, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, The ROOT Brands, Gaia Healers, bioniq, Stemregen,, Alpha Dental Practice, Lexingtontox, LumaFlexCeraThrive, Heads Up, Centner Wellness, First Alternatives, Zero Gravity, Rapid Release Therapy, Vivobase, Intelligent Threads, AgeRate, Vitally You® LifeWave Brand Partners, Young Goose,, Axiom H2, Weber Laser Systems, Biohacktivity, Good Idea, and NeuroFlex.

Once again, we are incredibly grateful for their partnership, and we look forward to continuing to work with them to create impactful events that inspire and empower our community.

Media Partners of BiohackingCongress, Miami

BiohackingCongress in Miami on October 20-22, 2023, was a great success, thanks in part to our media partners. We would like to extend a huge thanks to all of our media partners who helped us spread the word about the event and the incredible speakers and exhibitors that were present.

Biohackers Magazine - Dallas McClain, Co-founder and Editor-In-Chief of Biohackers Magazine, and Co-Founder and CCO of Lifespanning Media.

Know Your Physio - Andrés Preschel, an Applied Scientist and Physiologist, shared his vast expertise as an optimal health coach, bilingual author, speaker, scientific writer, and content creator, contributing significantly to the event's reach.

The Real and Raw - Stephanie Pattison, M.S, FDN-P, an expert in holistic nutrition, provided invaluable insights, enriching the event's offerings.

How You Can2 - Alvey Thompson Jr., an author, speaker, holistic life coach, and trainer, brought his inspirational perspective to BiohackingCongress, leaving a lasting impact.

IHC Agency - Iman Hasan, a nutritionist, wellness influencer, and agency founder, played a pivotal role in promoting the event's messages of health and wellness optimization.

Sandy Kr Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Queen Podcast - Sandy Kruse, a podcast host, holistic nutritionist, and certified metabolic balance coach, contributed her expertise to enhance the event's content.

The Biohacking Mama - Colette Schnabel, known as the Biohacking Mama, was a valuable partner, adding depth to the event's discussions on biohacking and health optimization.

CEO Wellness Club - Candy Calderon, a brain health and wellness expert and founder of CEO Wellness Club, shared her insights to empower attendees in their wellness journeys.

In addition, we would also like to acknowledge the support of publications that played a vital role in spreading the message of BiohackingCongress:

Feel Well Magazine: Health And Wellness

Miami Living Magazine - The Best of South Florida

Miami Vibes Magazine - Miami & Local Lifestyle Magazine

We express our heartfelt thanks to all our media partners for their unwavering support, dedication, and contributions to BiohackingCongress in Miami. Their collaboration was invaluable in making the event a resounding success, and we eagerly look forward to continuing our partnership in our shared mission to promote the latest advancements in biohacking and health optimization.

Furthermore, we want to extend our most sincere appreciation to the dedicated volunteers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the seamless execution of BiohackingCongress. Their unwavering passion and commitment were absolutely integral to the event's resounding success, and we hold deep gratitude for their invaluable contributions.

The BiohackingCongress in Miami was a great opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field of health optimization, find new partners and clients, and meet like-minded people and friends.