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Communications & PR Manager

Communications and PR Manager with a productive experience of working in the venture capital and private equity industry. Inna participated in conducting startup conferences in eight countries. 

Inna is passionate about innovations with potential impact on the world.

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Each system in our bodies relies on oxygen - from cognition to metabolism. Effective breathing gives you mental clarity and helps you reduce your stress, fall asleep faster, digest food more efficiently, and boost your body's immune response. Founder of Warrior Woman Mode, Kristin Weitzel shared with the biohacking community how to use the breath to shift body, brain and being.
“As technology has become more and more prevalent, people tend to look for quick hacks. Even the term hack has the inference of being able to snap your fingers and magically heal. People tend to look for technology apps, telemedicine to try to solve their problems. Unfortunately, it does not work this way for our brain.” Bizzie Gold, Break Method Founder and author of The Self-Study, said.
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